Cedars 2017-18 Staff:


Editor Board:

Keegan D’Alfonso


Keegan D’Alfonso is a junior journalism major and the Editor-in-Chief for Cedars. He was a sergeant in the Marines and has a passion for intercultural communication.

Paolo Carrion

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Paolo Carrion is a sophomore journalism major and the Arts and Entertainment editor for Cedars. He enjoys drinking hot chocolate, reading comic books and making animal crackers watch as he devours their family.

 Rebekah Erway

Campus News Editor

Rebekah Erway is a senior Christian education major and Campus News editor for Cedars. She enjoys odd numbers, Oxford commas, and speaking in a British accent.

Alexandria Hentschel

Off-Campus Editor

Alexandria Hentschel is a sophomore International Studies and Spanish double major and the Off-Campus news editor for Cedars. She enjoys old books, strong coffee, and honest debate.

Tim Miller

Sports Editor

Tim Miller is a junior marketing major and sports editor for Cedars. He enjoys having a baby face, knowing too much about supplemental insurance, and striving to perfect the optimal combination of Dwight Schrute and Ron Swanson.

Callahan Jones

Digital & Design Editor

Callahan Jones is a junior journalism major and the Digital and Design editor for Cedars. In his free time, he enjoys making coffee, collecting headphones and playing games with friends.

Emily Sulka

Photography Editor

Emily Sulka is a senior music major and the photography editor for Cedars. She loves dogs, writing, and performing original songs.

Core Staff:

Berkeley Benson

Social Media Manager

Berkeley Benson is a senior information design major who is one of Cedar’s comic artists, as well as their social media manager. Berkeley owns a charming hedgehog mug and an actual (less charming) hedgehog named Penderwick.

Erica Zichi


Erica is a sophomore Broadcasting and Digital Media Major serving as a videographer for Cedars. She is passionate about exceptional camera angles, music and worship, and adventure.

Tasha Peterson


Tasha Peterson is a junior Visual Communication Design major and a designer for Cedars. You can usually find her obsessing over cute animals, enjoying nature, or dyeing her hair.

Nathan Overlock


Nathan Overlock is a Senior Professional Writing and Information Design Major and the lead designer for Cedars. He spends most of his day reading boring books and playing with his foster dogs, from 4-Paws for Ability.

Kimberly Acevedo


Kimberly Acevedo is a freshman Pharmacy major and a designer for Cedars. She enjoys drinking coffee, listening to Salsa music and loves being outdoors.

Jennifer Yosinski


Jennifer Yosinski is a junior Industrial Design major and a designer for Cedars. She excels at finding ways to get things for free and losing games of Magic: the Gathering.