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Movies that Matter — ‘Signs’ and ‘The Conjuring’

In Part 2 of "Movies that Matter," hosts Ben and Hunter continue their discussion on movies that were surprisingly impactful. If you missed out on Part 1, you can go listen to that here.

Movies that Matter — ‘Steve Jobs’ and ‘Inside’

Have you ever watched a movie or series that ended up being much more meaningful and moving than you were expecting? In this episode, hosts Hunter Sweet and Ben Hiett talk about some of the movies that impacted them more than they were expecting. Be on the lookout for Part 2 of this episode coming soon.

‘The Cedarville Review’ Gives a Voice to Student Creativity – Cedarville Creatives

In the first episode of the “Cedarville Creatives” series, hosts Sam Acosta and Ben Hiett get a look into the inner-workings of the student-run creative arts journal, “The Cedarville Review.” Join them in their conversation with editor-in-chief Rachel Rathbun and editor Grace Koehler as they talk about promoting creative expression within a Christian context.

Arts and Entertainment Podcast: Is ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ a misunderstood masterpiece?

Are the critics right in calling “Dear Evan Hansen” “a total misfire” and “one of the worst movie musicals ever made”? Or is there something beautiful and even remarkable to be appreciated even in light of the movie’s imperfections? In this episode, hosts Sam Acosta and Ben Hiett give their honest and original thoughts on one of the most polarizing movies in recent memory.

Arts & Entertainment Podcast: ‘Anne of Green Gables’

How do you translate a timeless novel to the stage? How do you prepare for a show in the midst of a COVID spike? Hear the answers to these and other questions from director Stacey Stratton and lead actress Hannah Bradley in this candid conversation about Cedarville’s Fall production of “Anne of Green Gables,” opening September 30.

A&E podcast: 10/10 Rings? – ‘Shang-Chi’ Review

Does "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" stand out amidst an ever-growing universe of heroes, or is it just your run-of-the-mill Marvel movie? Join hosts Ben Hiett and Sam Acosta along with special guest Josh Walden as they give their thoughts on the latest entry in the MCU.

Village Stories: Bringing the Opera House back to life

Audio story by Sarah Bean Photos by Lydia Wolterman The Cedarville Opera house has a long and storied history. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic its stage is empty for now. And while it waits, the building is getting a new roof.

Ministry Moments: Science and Religion

Host Ben Hiett talks with Cedarville's Dr. Marc Clauson about how Christians approach science and about how they should approach science.

Ministry Moments: Film and Storytelling

How can we appreciate film’s power to communicate truth while being wary of its potential to corrupt our vision of the “good life”? How do we discern between its biblical and unbiblical messages? To answer these and other questions, listen as host Ben Hiett talks with Professor Sean O’Connor, who teaches film and video courses at Cedarville University.

Ministry Moments: Race Relations

Does color-blindness lead to true reconciliation or merely a superficial state of peace? How ought we, as Christians, approach people from vastly different ethnic and cultural backgrounds than us to most fully embody the love of Christ toward them? Join Ben Hiett and Dayton pastor John Pope for a discussion of this topic.