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The Impact of Cedarville University’s Chapel on its Students

Filmed and Edited by Ian Chan 10 AM every weekday morning you will find a large crowd of students walking towards the Dixon Ministry Center on Cedarville University's campus to attend the chapel service. It is often described as the heart beat of campus.  Watch students talk about their experience with the daily service and how it has enriched their lives. 

Jim Mellick and His Wounded Warrior Dogs and other Parables Collection

Professor Mellick is a nationally-recognized, award winning artist, sculptor, and retired CU faculty member. His Wounded Warrior Dogs collection has won the ArtPrize Grant Prize and has been exhibited in museums all across the country. Cedarville is honored to be able to exhibit Professor Mellick's works in their Art Gallery before they find their permanent resting place in a museum collection. Listen to Professor Mellick's inspiring stories about his art and how his life has led him here.

Will It Float?

Video Footage by Josephine Schmidt-Krayer. Editing by Nathan Lazarus and Josephine Schmidt-Krayer The Canoe Race is an annual and beloved event here at Cedarville! All of the Freshmen engineering students are put into small groups and are given the task to build a floatable boat. With only limited material they have to come up with the perfect design that will enable them to row their boat across Cedarville's lake. The race is always held on Homecoming weekend. Parents, students, and ...

The Giver

Video by Josephine Schmidt-Krayer The Giver, written by Lois Lowry, published in April 1993, was awarded the Newberry Award by the American Library Association for “the most distinguished contribution to American Literature” the previous year. Since its release, The Giver has sold more than 12 million copies and has been translated into 27 languages. The influential novel has impacted readers of all ages, with the New York Times in 1993 deeming it “powerful” and “sure to keep ...

Time to Swing

Video Credit by Josephine Schmidt-Krayer Ever feel like dancing but don't know where to do it? Sunday Night Swing is open for anybody and everybody. Don't worry if you have no experience. There are always people that are eager to learn from each other.  Grab your friends and come by the DMC Sunday's at 7pm and you will find a large group of people dancing to Jazz music.  It's time to swing! 

Mission Impossible 2022 Brought a Mystery to Campus

By Caroline Stanton Photo credits by Logan Howard. Under the crisp night air, a swarm moved in. Hundreds of mere mortals, dressed from head to toe in all black, many with black paint streaked across their faces. In a buzz of nervous, excited voices, they waited in anticipation.  To the average reader, this may sound like the start of an Oakland Raiders football game or some ancient, medieval feud about to be settled. But to the dedicated Cedarville reader, this is the start of ...

Labor Day Festivities 2022

Video work by Josephine Schmidt-Krayer

Movies that Matter — ‘Signs’ and ‘The Conjuring’

In Part 2 of "Movies that Matter," hosts Ben and Hunter continue their discussion on movies that were surprisingly impactful. If you missed out on Part 1, you can go listen to that here.