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Photo gallery: CU women’s basketball toppled by Kentucky Wesleyan

The Cedarville women’s basketball team lost 95-55 to Kentucky Wesleyan on Thursday night. The Lady Jackets moved to 5-19 on the season. Kentucky Wesleyan (18-5, 13-4) moved the ball well and shot efficiently. Four players scored at least 15 points. Cedarville’s Brianna Zajicek led all scorers with 19 points, and finished a rebound shy of a double-double. The Lady Jackets will celebrate senior day this Saturday at 1 p.m. against Trevecca Nazarene. Photos by Ian Chan

ALT 3 Launches the New Semester at Cedarville University 

Despite the cold, students gathered to enjoy a night of yard games, silent disco, and a dodgeball tournament at ALT 3. Food trucks offered warm refreshments, and the night ended with the showing of Remember the Titans. ALT nights are hosted and organized by the Campus Activities Board (CAB) at Cedarville University. They are a core part of the Cedarville experience and allow students to create memories with one another. Filmed and edited by Julia Mumford. 

Turning Dorm Hallways into Different Worlds and Places: Deck the Halls at Cedarville University

Take a step inside the hallway and be transported to the worlds of Narnia, the Lorax, or the mind of a man. The Deck the Halls event at Cedarville University is a much anticipated night for students. Each resident dorm hall is responsible for creating a walk-through story to lead students through. Creativity has no bounds, and the organizers put together a great show. You will hear laughter, jokes, and screams and you can dance along with the actors as you walk through the differen...

Serving Others: The Cedarville fire department in action

Who are these men and women? Take a look behind the scenes and get to know them, what they do, and their mindset. Putting out fires, They are there in your worst moments, they help the community. To find out more information visit or call (937) 766-5851 When you ask a kid what they want to be when they grow up, many will say a firefighter. The flaring sirens, the bright flashing lights, and a truck speeding past on the road. A child looks at firefighters with fascination and ...

Looking Back at Warmer Days 

As the lake starts to freeze over and the trees lose their leaves, we remember the start of the semester and the warmer days. Back when the birds hadn't flown south yet and the lake was still warm enough to have the engineers build canoe boats and paddle across it. We might be going home to our real families for Christmas, but Homecoming at Cedarville comes pretty close to it.  Filmed and edited by Alben Augustine 

Concert in the Cornfields 

Cornfields are a staple in Cedarville. The surrounding landscape is bursting with corn during the harvesting season. What better way to call a concert at Cedarville University than a concert in the cornfields? Performed by our very own students, their upbeat music and songs to sing along to bring campus to life.  Filmed and edited by Alben Augustine