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Pumpkins with a Purpose

Cedarville University's Student Government Association held a fall event this past Wednesday. Grace Muresan hosted the event and organized this opportunity for students to encourage one another by writing them a small note attached to a pumpkin. She mentions starting with over 1,000 pumpkins and was grateful to see how many students came out to encourage one another.  Videography and editing by Parren Carnahan

Film Students Create an Award-Winning Short Film in 48 Hours 

Imagine creating, filming, and editing an entire short film in 48 hours. Well, a group of Cedarville Film Students came together to attempt this challenge. To do this, they signed up for the 48-hour film project, which is an international film festival. It allows filmmakers to test their skills in creativity to make a film in a single weekend.  Follow along to see how these students made it happen.  Filmed and edited by Julia Mumford 

Crowned Chains Sets New Precedent for Student-Led Jewelry Businesses 

Take an exclusive look at Crowned Chains, the start-up business created by Cedarville Students.  Known for their unique take on chain necklaces with an innovative magnetic clasp, the jewelry has become a popular trend among the students. All profits go to Target Dayton. Go check out their website to purchase your steel chain.  Edited and Filmed by Alben Augustine 

A Fun-filled Card Game Encourages Spiritual Growth In Its Players

At Cedarville University we have many entrepreneurs and innovative creators! This past year, a group of students came together to create a card game named "Didasko". It focuses on the essence of Biblical truth in a fun way and teaches you more about the Bible and your opponents. Didasko has encouraged believers around the world and continues to do so every time it is played.  Go check out their website and pre-order a deck for a guaranteed good ...

Fertile Ground – A Cedarville Alumni Art Exhibition

This past Saturday (9/9/23), the Cedarville University Gallery opened a new exhibit Fertile Ground honoring alumni who laid a foundation for today's art department students.  Fertile Ground comes from the question, “How do we make things grow?” In Matthew 13 it says, good soil allows for deep roots, protection from birds and thorns, and a rich environment for a seed to come alive.  Featuring work from Studio Art Cedarville Alumni, Fertile Ground&n...

Getting Back to the Grind 

The first weeks in a new semester at college can oftentimes be taxing. New classes, schedules, and different professors can all add to the challenge. It forces students to switch their mindset to become diligent in their work and studies.  But, coming back to college can also present us with opportunities to make new friendships, form relationships, and learn something new.  So let's follow along as Carolina asks several students what this semester has taught them so far. ...


The most unforgettable night at Cedarville University 2023! ELLIV is an annual event that takes place at the end of the school year that no one wants to miss. From top tier music to funny skits, it is a guaranteed good time!  Filmed and Edited by Ian Chan 

 SoFresh, festival style! 

While the Juniors and Seniors enjoy their night off campus, the Freshman and Sophomore students celebrate the end of the academic year with a bang! Lights, discoballs, photostations, yard games, finger painting, and much more were the night's attractions.  Filmed and edited by Josephine Schmidt-Krayer 

Coffee Hub: More than Just Coffee

Coffee Hub in downtown Xenia is so much more than just coffee. Hear from Richelle Kropf, theXenia location’s manager, as she shares her story of growth and self-discovery. Coffee Hub is a second-chance employer, and founder Cynthia Stemple works directly alongside women in recovery to give them the resources and confidence they need to excel both in their jobs and livelihood. Filmed and edited by Ethan Charles

But God: The testimony of Caleb Kanoy

By Josephine Schmidt-Krayer Caleb Kanoy, a senior Criminal Justice major at Cedarville University, has experienced various challenges throughout his life. Born in Guatemala and raised in Saint Louis, Indiana, Kanoy struggled to find a true connection with his adopted family, except for his grandfather who died when he was 11 years old. After graduating from high school, Kanoy joined the army in rebellion against his family. He later came to Cedarville University to pursue his studies in ...