A Weekend to Remember

By Anna Harman

Getting Started Weekend at Cedarville University took place on August 19 through the 21st. With over 1,100 incoming freshmen this year, it was a weekend to remember. 

During Getting Started Weekend, students drive on campus with their loved ones and are welcomed by a ton of excited returning students cheering and clapping pool noodles. Students are handed their keys and when they get to their dorm, more students are waiting to help unpack the car. By the time you get out of the car, your stuff is all in your room (this isn’t always the case but it sure feels that way). 

After you arrange your room, get settled, and possibly go to some meetings, then students meet their STING groups. Other events held during Getting Started Weekend include the Jacket Fest, taking the freshman class photo with Dr. White, the Jacket Jaunt, and the 1,000 days celebration. 

Welcome home freshman!

There are so many helpful, encouraging, selfless, and dedicated people that choose to be a part of welcoming incoming freshmen during Getting Started Weekend. They go above and beyond to make sure that students feel at home and that they are comfortable, happy, and having fun.  

“My role as an RA is to make sure all my residents as well as any other student I interact with feel welcome and comfortable.” Junior resident Assistant Lynsey Stratton said. “I get to make connections with each family that steps into my hall and let them know that I will be their student’s biggest supporter and answer any questions they happen to have during move-in.” 

It often can be very intimidating for students to come to a new school, in a new town, with new people. It can also be just as scary for the parents dropping their child off, so it is important for them to see the Christ-centered community at Cedarville loving and serving their child well. Getting Started Weekend volunteers are a crucial part of the experience that incoming students and parents have and also of the success of the weekend.  

“It is a very sweet weekend of intentionality that makes campus feel like home right off the bat,” Stratton said. 

Junior Seth Hering served as a STING leader this year. “As a new student in a new environment, it can be very overwhelming having that sense of freedom. It’s your first time away from your family and you’re just not sure what to do. Getting started gives the opportunity to participate in activities, have something to do, and get to know your new peers,”  Hering said.  “As a STING leader, I have the opportunity to pour into new students and help them with that adjustment. It helps returning students pour into the new students just like they were poured into.”

The freshman class of 2026

Freshman Sarah Philip came to Cedarville all the way from Ontario, Canada. School started almost three weeks earlier than usual for her and she’s also had to adjust to not having regular Tim Hortons. 

“My favorite part of getting started weekend was spending time with new friends and upperclassmen from international orientation!” Philip said.

During Getting Started Weekend, she got to experience the many festivities around campus, enjoy SGA Worship night, and also develop lasting friendships with people she met along the way. 

To the class of 2026, welcome home, and good luck to you all as you begin your 1,000 days here at Cedarville University! 

Anna Harman is a junior Biblical Studies major and also a reporter for Cedars. She appreciates writing, peppermint tea, flowers, and going to concerts. 

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