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Cedars Wins National, Regional Awards

By Staff

Cedars recently won second place in a national student newspaper contest, and several staff members earned awards in a regional contest, including two first-place awards.

In the College Media Association annual Apple Awards, Cedars took second in the Best Newspaper category in 2013 for four-year schools with fewer than 5,000 students. The Apple Awards categories honor publications. There are no categories for individuals.

Cedars placed behind the Baker Orange of Baker University in Kansas. The Rice Thresher of Rice University in Houston placed third.

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New Head of Counseling Department Encourages and Disciples

BY Steve Clark

Mindy May, the recently hired director of counseling services, said she has a passion for equipping others and helping them use the resources God has given them. She recommends the counseling service to all students, saying, "People can have a stigma that counseling is for people who have really serious or traumatic issues. It's for that, but it's also for basic encouragement and a level of discipleship as well." May, who holds a doctorate in psychology and counseling, is a contemporary of Cedarville President Dr. Thomas White and Vice President of Student Life and Christian Ministries Jon Wood. May recently worked as an adjunct professor and administrative assistant at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary before Wood offered her a job at Cedarville. "She is somebody who has come to be a like-minded co-laborer in taking care of students," said Wood, who worked with May in the student services division. Wood also described why he chose May for the position. "Mindy has a great combination of counseling insight, leadership ability, and a heart for discipling college students,"... (Click here to read more.)

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A Balancing Act

BY Tyler Greenwood

Cedarville senior Matt Brooker juggles family, work, school and sports

Matt Brooker began the 2013-2014 school year knowing it would be one of the craziest yet most exciting times of his life. The Cedarville senior was entering his final year of college running, would be starting full-time work during the second semester and was expecting his first child in March. Brooker entered his final cross country season looking to improve on his 41st place finish at the 2012 NCAA Division II National Championships. He started the season by winning three of his first four races, including becoming the first Cedarville athlete to win the All-Ohio Championships. At the NCAA Division II regional meet, a meet he won last year, Brooker finished in a disappointing fourth place, but led the team to qualify for their second consecutive national meet. At the national meet in Spokane, Wash., Brooker made Cedarville history again by becoming the school’s first NCAA All-American by finishing 28th overall and leading the team to equal its 15th-place team finish from the previous year. Despite his personal success, Brooker was more excited about the team’s succe... (Click here to read more.)

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Comedy Org Raises Money for SGA Ministry, Other Ministries

BY Dan Case

DTR, Cedarville’s improv comedy org, raises money for various charities and support for their org through their shows. All admission money from DTR’s upcoming show, “Chaos,” will go to support GROW. Chaos will include 30 skits, all written by the members of DTR, performed in a random order determined by the audience. Chaos is on April 11, 12 and 13 at 7 p.m. in Alford Auditorium. Tickets cost between 50 cents and $3. DTR has previously partnered with nonprofits like Together We Rise, which works with children in foster care, and Children’s Lantern, a ministry that rescues individuals from the sex trade. Earlier this semester, DTR raised money for their general expenses through their hour-long March show. This was fast-paced and full of energy, and a PowerPoint hanging above the stage called it, “The most A.D.D. show DTR has ever done!” This March show was different from most of their other shows because it included an auction for the audience to bid on various items, such as a “Frozen” movie poster signed by the cast of DTR or... (Click here to read more.)

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Just Sayin': Beyond Flesh and Bone

BY Becca Kochsmeier

Becca Kochsmeier I’m a pastor’s daughter. So yes, I grew up in a Christian home and then some. My entire life has been greatly influenced by the mission and work of my parents. My father is the pastor of a very small church in the backwoods coal regionof northeastern Pennsylvania. My mom takes care of the weekly bulletin and plays the piano during worship. My two sisters and I would often sing for “special music” on Sundays and Christmas Eve services. Sounds like a typical preacher’s family, right? Wrong. Anyone who has met my father could not rightly call him typical. In fact, most people who meet him for the first time are surprised when he tells them he’s a pastor. To put it simply, my dad is crazy … but in the best way possible. He does construction work as a side job, wears a long-haired wig to embarrass us in public and plays wallyball in his socks when he visits campus. To call him “outgoing” would be an understatement. He has no reservations when it comes to talking to strangers, and he almost always manages to b... (Click here to read more.)

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The Highs and Lows of Legalization

BY Michael Shoemaker

Ohio is considering legalizing medical marijuana as the Ohio Rights Group seeks to get a proposed marijuana rights amendment on the ballot in November

Twenty states have made the move to legalize medicinal marijuana, and Ohio is considering whether it will follow suit. In an interview with The Marietta Times, Ohio resident Nathan Gundlach said marijuana prohibition has caused more problems than it has solved, leading to a black market economy, excessive incarceration and infringements on individual liberties. “To me, the important issue is that we have the right to choose what we put in our bodies,” Gundlach said. Legalization may not eliminate the drug’s underground economy, as some marijuana proponents argue. High prices may encourage the continuance of the pot sales on the black market despite legitimization, said Major Brian Shuck of the Washington County Sheriff’s office in an interview with The Marietta Times. “There’s still going to be a black market, selling it at a reduced rate and profiting illegally,” Shuck said. In Colorado, which recently became the first state to allow retail distribution of the substance, the retail price of marijuana ranges from $200 to $300 an ounce. I... (Click here to read more.)

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