Student takes: When is it too early to listen to Christmas music?

By Jewell Strock

Songs like Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” and “The Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole are staples when it comes to the Christmas season. But when should one start listening to Christmas music? Some start as soon as it turns into November 1, and others start strictly after Thanksgiving. 

At Cedarville University the opinions vary as to when the “right time” is to begin the Christmas song season. 

Sophomore Music Education major Eli Nord firmly believes any time before the Friday after Thanksgiving is too early to listen to Christmas music. 

“The season of Thanksgiving should not be overlooked,” Nord said. “Also, during the Christmas season, Christmas music is played almost exclusively, and I believe that it should be after Thanksgiving has come and gone. But if we begin playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving, it takes away from the specialty that Christmas music is during the Christmas season. If we wait to listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, we will have an even greater appreciation and anticipation for it.” 

Nord greatly appreciates the song White Christmas, as it is his favorite Christmas song. 

In contrast, Landon Heft, a sophomore Biblical Studies major is an avid Christmas music lover and believes that it is never too early to listen to Christmas music. 

“First off, Christmas music is the best genre of music. Secondly, it feels wrong to confine the celebration of Christ to just one day of the year,” Heft said. “Third, everyone is always happy around Christmas stuff.” 

Heft says the Michael Buble Christmas album is unbeatable. 

On the other hand, Katey Decker, a freshman Social Studies Education major, is entirely for Christmas music as soon as it is November 1. She believes Halloween needs to be its own individual holiday, but after that, it is time for her favorite songs, such as “Mistletoe” by Justin Bieber. 

Whether you listen to Christmas music before or after Thanksgiving, Christmas is a time of year when we can all celebrate Christ’s birth and the joy it brings. Christmas music is one part that we have to celebrate this upcoming season. 

When do you feel is the “right time” to begin listening to Christmas music? 

Jewell Strock is a senior International Studies major & journalist for Cedars. She enjoys matcha, rainy weather, writing, traveling, & Jane Austen.

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