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Finding Joy in Guatemala

Senior Zachary Bindus and junior Marissa Smith weren't sure they wanted to go on one of Global Outreach's spring break mission trips. But through a series of events, God made it clear to both of them that they were supposed to be in Guatemala. Here is a glimpse into their experiences during their week abroad. [All photos courtesy of Marissa Smith]

Cedarville Students Serve Haiti

Two Cedarville students with hearts for Haiti went to minister to the disaster-ridden island after a massive hurricane recently struck the region. Leslie Pence and Samantha Reece had been to Haiti before on multiple missions trips. They both were upset to hear that a hurricane was headed directly for where they had ministered during the previous summer. “We follow what’s happening in Haiti because we have a heart for it,” said Reece. “We saw the course of where the hurricane was ...