Class Chaplain Candidates Focus on Growing Closer to Students

Cedarville students will elect new class councils on Friday, April 4. After primary elections on Monday, March 31, candidates were narrowed down to two per class. However, the current junior class chaplain is running unopposed.

The five chaplain candidates said their focus is growing closer with the student body.

Class of 2017

Parker McGoldrick is running against Tim Silver for re-election as class of 2017 chaplain.

McGoldrick, a freshman biblical studies major, said his favorite part about serving as chaplain this past year was planning and giving chapel messages.

“It definitely grew me because I definitely did not know how much you learn by teaching,” he said.
McGoldrick said he prefers to preach directly out of the Bible on a specific passage.

Looking forward, he said he wants to better serve the student body by being more connected with women’s ministry leaders. McGoldrick’s goal is “to be more intentional about relationships” in the coming year if re-elected.

Silver is running as a first-time candidate.

Silver is a freshman biblical studies major, who originally planned to be an aeronautical engineer. He said God became real to him when he was 17 and is challenging him now in a new way by running for chaplain.

“I see a lot of people that are hurt and need help,” Silver said. “There’s a lot more potential for us to be close.”

He said the student body is his reason for running. Silver said he wants to provide a different perspective because he knows what it is like to be a non-believer and have doubt, but he also knows about going fully after God.

Class of 2016

Ethan Law is running as a first-time candidate against fellow first-time candidate Josh Wilbers for class of 2016 chaplain.

Law, a sophomore computer engineering major, said he is called to ministry and is an introvert by nature.
He said he has learned from his father’s example of service in the church.

“You don’t have to be an extrovert to be a good leader,” Law said.

He said God gives the grace for him to be involved in ministry.

Law serves at an inner-city mission at All Nations Bible Fellowship in Dayton as well as at a campus evangelism org.

He said he wants to encourage ministry and evangelism among the student body if elected.

Wilbers is a sophomore biblical studies major and will be serving as an RA next year. He describes himself as being gregarious with a calling to be a congregational pastor. Wilbers said he looks forward to the opportunity to preach as chaplain, which will prepare him to be a pastor.

If elected, Wilbers said he would focus on his true passion of helping people grow closer to God. He said his goal is to challenge Cedarville students to build each other up and become more like Christ.

Class of 2015

Joel Wasserstein is running unopposed for class of 2015 chaplain.

Wasserstein is a junior biblical studies major and the present junior class chaplain. He said this experience has taught him new logistic and people skills. Meeting with other chaplains and getting feedback before and after giving a message has also been encouraging, he said.

This coming year, Wasserstein said he will “address things that speak to the student body that also speak to me.”

Because of his current experience in the position, he said he wants to disciple the student body more and be intentional about seeking people out in the next year.

Amy Radwanski is a freshman Journalism and Broadcasting & Digital Media major and reporter for Cedars. She is pursuing a career in broadcast performance with her studies.

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