Student A Cappella Group Releases Their First EP

Cedarville’s a cappella group, The Inversions, released their first extended play (EP) on April 1.

The Inversions are a group of 22 students who perform a cappella music. Three of the members have been together since the group’s creation three years ago, and they became an official organization in November of 2012. They perform a variety of music, ranging from alternative to pop and even some jazz.

“Our goal is to spread the love of a cappella music,” assistant director Alli Butterworth said.

Last year, the group began discussing ways they could grow and improve. Butterworth said they wanted to try something new that would really challenge them vocally and highlight the talents of some of their members. So when Dr. Austin Jaquith, assistant professor of music theory and composition, offered to help them record, they jumped at the opportunity.

“Jeremy and I had Dr. Jaquith for our music classes and Dr. Jaquith expressed interest in getting some experience in working with a cappella music,” said Butterworth. “We needed someone to record for us, so it was the perfect opportunity for us.”

The EP gave a few members the chance to display not just their vocal ability, but also their skills in composition. Three of the songs featured on the EP were arranged by group members.

“We really wanted to stretch ourselves in this next year,” director Jeremy Witt said. “It was just a great opportunity and we thought it would be a really good experience for all the members of the group.”

The recording process was a learning and bonding experience for the group, Witt said. Before starting the recording, the group spent many hours in rehearsal both teaching one another and learning their parts. There were many late nights spent making sure each section knew their part perfectly. Butterworth said that the preparation process really helped show them better ways to teach the music.

“It was a great motivator to show us what we needed to improve on while working towards excellence,” Butterworth said.

Butterworth said the actual recording process took much longer than anyone in the group expected. The Inversions spent countless hours in Dr. Jaquith’s studio starting the first week in December for the first two songs and finishing up the last two upon returning from Christmas break. Each section would take turns recording their parts for each song. While each section was recording, the other members would rehearse and just hang out together in the studio. Butterworth said there were many all-nighters, re-recording of parts, and lots of hard work, but she said the group united through it all.

After all the group recordings were finished, Dr. Jaquith worked separately with all the soloists and beat boxers to get their parts finished. Once he had recorded all the parts, Dr. Jaquith mixed the songs for the group. From there, the songs were sent to a company to be mastered.

Witt said the group is unsure if they will try releasing another EP or maybe an album in the future, but he said The Inversions definitely want to record again.

“It really pushed our group and is a good incentive to learn,” said Butterworth. “It’s really rewarding to have something that we can be proud of.”

The Inversions will be performing two of the songs featured on their EP during their concert this Friday, April 11. The concert will be held in the Opera House at 7:30 p.m. and tickets will be sold until Friday. Their EP will be available in hard copy format for the next week and a half, and is also available on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon Music.

Emily Day is a freshman journalism major and reporter for Cedars. She loves all things creative arts and running, and has survived living with 5 sisters.

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