Org Hosts Water Balloon Fight To Fundraise For Safe Harbor House

It is not often that students get the chance to combine making charitable donations with a night of fun, but Phi Epsilon Beta (PEB) will provide students with the opportunity to do just that with their event ‘Soaked for Safe Harbor.’

PEB is hosting a campus wide water balloon fight on Monday, Sept. 8 from 7-9 p.m.

Bethany Gustin, the org’s president, said the idea for a campus wide water balloon fight came to them because of the desire to host a campus-wide event that would make use of the nice weather.

The set-up of the water balloon fight will be similar to a game of dodgeball. Teams will be given a bucket full of water balloons as ammo and will have to find other teams to attack. Once team members are hit, they will be out. The last person standing is the winner and will win a secret prize.

Sigma Phi Lambda, PEB’s brother org, will be refereeing the event and Gustin said the group has also been helping market the event. This event will raise money for Safe Harbor House, a center where at-risk women can learn valuable life skills.​

Gustin said this ministry was chosen by PEB to be the beneficiary of all their fundraising efforts this year.

“We wanted a ministry that we could give the money to personally, rather than just send off a check to some place,” Gustin said. “We also wanted something local so that we have the opportunity to serve the women personally.”

One such service that the org hopes to provide is to take the women shopping at local thrift stores, Gustin said. This is an activity that would put their money and time to good use and allow them to serve the women in a practical way.

PEB is planning more fundraisers throughout the year, including t-shirt sales sometime in the spring and ‘Cinnabon for your Honeybun,’ which will happen around Valentine’s Day.

Taylor Hobbs is a freshman psychology major and reporter for Cedars. She enjoys stereotypical Canadian things like saying “Eh” and watching hockey. 

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