Preview: ‘Little Women’

Cedarville’s theater department will perform Michael Chapman’s adaptation of “Little Women” from Oct. 2 to Oct. 12 in the DeVries Theatre.

While loosely based on Louisa May Alcott’s novel of the same title, the play maintains important attributes of the storyline and its characters.

The narrative takes place during and after the American Civil War, as the March girls struggle to define themselves within the limits placed on women during this era. But the March girls have strong relationships with family and friends, which allows them to endure their coming of age experiences within such a dynamic time period.

Josephine March, or Jo, is the second eldest March girl. She is played by junior Rebecca Levergood, a theatre major.

Josephine March

Rebecca Levergood plays Jo March in Cedarville’s fall production of “Little Women.” (Photo: Tianle Li)

Jo is the tomboy of the March girls. Levergood said she is different from Jo in that way. But having grown up with two brothers, she said she understands Jo’s heart and contributes her own fire for the things she loves to Jo’s passion for life. Levergood said she didn’t grow up with “Little Women” but remembers watching the movie in her early teenage years. She said her love for the story has made the role that much more enjoyable.

“I hope that (the audience) gain(s) an appreciation for the people in their lives and for the people that have helped them get to where they are,” Levergood said.

Beth March is the third eldest sister. She is the most gentle and shy sister. Beth is played by sophomore Emma Paulyne Kowatch, also a theatre major. “Little Women” is Kowatch’s first show at Cedarville, and she said she is excited to see some of her goals being achieved.

“What is really cool about the theatre major, and something I do love about it, is very early on in my freshman year I could tell it was a family,” Kowatch said, “and it didn’t take very long for me to feel a part of it.”

Kowatch grew up in an environment similar to the March girls, also having only sisters for siblings.

Kowatch said, “I am excited for and to see a more drawn out version (of “Little Women”) and really savor the first year of the story and get to know the characters.”

Little Women

“Little Women” plays in the DeVries Theatre Oct. 2 to Oct. 4 and Oct. 9 to Oct. 12. (Photo: Tianle Li)

The play, directed by Rebecca Baker, takes the audience through the first year of the book’s story.

Baker said, “The part that really is the heart of my job is working with the actors in bringing the story to life and I love doing that.”

Baker said she is more than blessed to work with such a sincere team and that she is proud of the crew for personally contributing money for a group of women from Safe Harbor House in Springfield, Ohio, to come to the show, as well as for helping provide tickets for some at-risk high school students.

Opening night of “Little Women” will include pre-show activities organized by SCAB, and every night there will be music before the play and during intermission.

Ellie Dukes is a freshman nursing major and an arts and entertainment writer for Cedars. She likes to express her artistic abilities through cosmetology and writing. You can spot her anywhere there is a desire for God or there is a Chipotle.

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