Profiles for SGA Candidates 2015

SGA Chaplain

Steve Clark:

Steve Clark is one of two candidates for the position of SGA chaplain. Clark is a junior liberal arts major with a concentration in theology. He has served the student body this year as SGA chaplain and said he has loved it and given his heart to it. He said since people know him already, they know what to expect from him as a chaplain; however, he does expect SGA to experience growth and change. Since he has experience, he wishes to continue serving Cedarville students because he is very passionate about the student body. Clark said being a chaplain has been the most formative growing experience in his life so far, and he seeks to both be a servant to others and be influential. If Clark could be any box of cereal, he would be Raisin Bran, because then no one would eat him.

Adam Cole:

Adam Cole is the other candidate for SGA chaplain. He is a junior Biblical studies major. His vision for SGA chapel is to make it more engaging and exciting, with new ways to make SGA chapels different and fun for the student body. He wants to build off of this year’s SGA work. He said he is running this year out of obedience to God; he feels compelled to run for chaplain not merely for the sake of running, but also to trust God with the whole experience. Cole said he feels led to be a pastor one day, and this would be a phenomenal opportunity to experience ministry, since SGA is all about service and ministry. Cole’s favorite Disney movie is “Toy Story 1” because he can relate to having pretended his toys came to life.

SGA President and Vice President

Jacob Norris:

Jacob Norris is running for the position of SGA president with Jillian Willert as his vice president. Norris is a sophomore nursing major. Their slogan for the election is, “Revitalize with passion.” His vision is to improve things that are not working well for SGA and capitalize on the things that are working well to make them work even better. Norris said he is motivated to serve because Christ served us. There are many different avenues at Cedarville to serve others, he said, and this position is a unique opportunity for him to have a dynamic influence on what the student body gets out of the year. Norris said he believes he is in a good position to run because he will not be a senior next year, so he will be invested in making lasting changes. He feels God’s timing has been clear through the entire process of running for SGA president. Norris’ favorite ice cream is Friendly’s forbidden explosion, which he highly recommends to all ice-cream and chocolate lovers.

Jillian Willert:

Jillian Willert is running for the position of SGA vice president with Jacob Norris as her running mate. Willert is a sophomore psychology major with a Spanish minor. Her vision is that SGA members would be servants for the student body, and she wants to improve communication between students and SGA. She said she feels SGA should be more of an advocate for the students, through which all opinions can be voiced, and she wants SGA to be approachable. Willert said she has been extremely blessed by friends and students at Cedarville, and she knows this position would be a great opportunity to give back to the students and serve them. She also feels that it would provide her a direct outlet to the student body. Willert’s favorite places to eat are Panera and Starbucks.

Matt Pounds:

Matt Pounds is running for SGA president with Kristen Hayes as his vice president. Pounds is currently studying abroad in Spain and was unavailable for an interview.

Kristen Hayes:

Kristen Hayes is running for the position of SGA vice president with Matt Pounds as her running mate. Hayes is a junior middle childhood education major. Their slogan is, “You are SGA.” The meaning behind this, she said, is that they want SGA to be directed by the students. She said they want everything they do to be desired by the students so they are not wasting time or resources. Hayes said she wants to make opportunities and involvement areas very clear for students, so they have a choice and are not confused or left out of the loop. Hayes has been involved with different SGA events since her freshman year and said she has loved helping create memories for people throughout their time here. She said she has loved her time at Cedarville, so she wants to use that experience to continue the legacy of SGA. Hayes’ favorite Avenger is Black Widow, because she doesn’t have any super powers but still manages to fight like a pro.

Kjersti Fry is a freshman pharmacy major and reporter for Cedars. She is from Cincinnati, Ohio, and she enjoys playing the piano, playing ultimate frisbee and spending time with friends and family.

Editor’s Note 2/18: Matt Pounds was added to this article with the note that he was unavailable for comment because he’s studying abroad in Spain.

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