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Making the Doughnut Rounds in Local Shops

Stan the Donut Man and Bill’s Donut Shop, both located within a short drive of Cedarville, provide delicious doughnuts to customers while bringing a family atmosphere to the forefront. Stan the Donut Man Stan the Donut Man was started about 50 years ago by a man named Stan. The current owner, Janet Foster, bought the shop about 15 years ago. Currently, it is managed by Jodi Fryman and Shannon Winters, Foster’s two daughters. The shop has been recognized as “the best in Greene ...

Weekly Comic: “Tales from the Brim” (Part 9)

“Tales from the Brim” Part 9: Parts 1-8 Brian McCray is a junior studio art major and an arts & entertainment writer for Cedars. He enjoys drawing, writing, watching movies and composing short bios of himself.