Cedarville Student Wins Big with Tech

Whether it’s submitting a homework assignment on Moodle or using CedarPrint to print out an essay, technology is a part of college life at Cedarville. But winning contests doesn’t usually come with the deal.

However, for junior Tim Huizinga, an IT management major, submitting his creative use for technology to Best Buy’s #BESTCOLLEGE Challenge left him a winner.

“The #BESTCOLLEGE Challenge Contest was created to help students head back-to-school by asking other students to share their tips and advice on how to have the best college experience ever,” said Best Buy spokesperson Shandra Tollefson.

Over four weeks this summer Best Buy selected six winners and awarded them with a “dorm room on wheels” – $2,500 worth of the latest in back-to-school technology.

Best Buy presented Huizinga with a 29-inch Samsung ultra-wide curved monitor, a 13-inch Lenova Yoga 3 Pro laptop, a THULE backpack and various other items for the technology-minded college student. Huizinga also received a cash prize to cover taxes.

“His tip was clever, tech-forward and you could easily see how it could help students manage their work,” Tollefson said.

Tim Huizinga

Junior Tim Huizinga sits with his upgraded workspace, which he won this summer via Best Buy’s #BESTCOLLEGE Challenge. (photos courtesy of Tim Huizinga)

The prize-winning submission was a three-picture meme Huizinga created of how he uses multiple monitors to manage his homework assignments. Huizinga said having multiple monitors makes it easier for him to do homework, because he can have his e-book on one screen, the assignment and Word document on another, and there’s no need to switch back-and-forth between windows. He also joked that he can do homework on one screen while watching shows on Netflix on the other.

Huizinga said students should use technology to their advantage, but it’s also good to set limits. Huizinga said he would recommend people not overuse technology, because it can be a distraction while studying.  He said using electronic copies of textbooks and learning little tricks on the computer to save time are good ways to take advantage of technology.

According to Huizinga, what technology to use and how to use it depends on a student’s major and personal preference, as well as the student’s budget. He said that for him, even though it is expensive, having a smartphone is important because it allows him to get emails quicker.

Huizinga said the technology he won has already had a positive effect on his college life this year. Because the Lenova laptop he won is so light, he was able to get most of his textbooks as e-books, which makes for a lighter backpack and an easier way to take notes in class. Huizinga also said he finds it useful to be able to plug the laptop into his new Samsung monitor so he can use dual screens in his dorm room.

Keegan D’Alfonso is a freshman journalism major and a campus news reporter for Cedars. He was a sergeant in the Marines and enjoys learning about and experiencing other cultures.

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