Cedarville Slang Lexicon

by Alexandria Hentschel

The first week of freshman year is an adjustment in so many ways — you say goodbye to your family, live on your own for the first time, and meet your new best friends. You become responsible for feeding yourself and making it on time to your own appointments.

However, a lot of freshmen (myself included) have difficulty adjusting to the various jargon that make Cedarville home. Moving into college comes with enough changes without having to learn an entire new language, so here’s a Cedarville-to-English dictionary that should come in handy.


All of the buildings are called by their acronyms: everything is spelled out. For example, the Dixon Ministry Center (the chapel building) is known as the DMC. The Stevens Student Center (where admissions, Chucks, Rinnova, and more are located) is called the SSC, etc.


The dining hall, named for a former head chef that no one on campus has met. We still call it Chuck’s in his memory, though.


The upper balcony in Chuck’s.

The Hive

Yes, we know that the brand new space in the lower SSC is called “Stinger’s” now, but ¾ of Cedarville will definitely still call it by its old and beloved name, The Hive.


Dorms are mostly called by their given names, except Carr, Marshall, and Rogers, which are all called “The Hill.”


The collective name for Lawlor and Printy dorms.


Certain classes, especially bible minor classes, are just referred to by their acronyms, for example: SpiFo: Spiritual Formation. OT: Old Testament. PACL (pack-ell): Physical Activity and the Christian Life.


Beans n’ Cream, one of the coffee shops in downtown Cedarville.

Cedar Shark

There’s a fish in Cedar Lake that we like to call the Cedar Shark because of its protruding fin.

Cedar Spray

When the fountains in the lake spray you across the face when you’re heading across the bridge. Ladies, if you’re dating a guy and he moves to block the spray from hitting you, he’s The One.

Meet Market

The road between Lawlor and Printy, typically where the freshman couples meet up.

Mom and Dad’s

The fantastic ice cream store across the street from campus. It’s delicious!

Stoney Creek

The former name for Telemetry, one of the coffee shops downtown. If you hear upperclassmen refer to Stoney Creek, they mean Telemetry.

The Doge/DG

The Dollar General across the street, where most of your grocery shopping will be done. Note: you can’t wear backpacks inside the doors.

The Rip

The Shell station right next to the DG, named for its fantastic gas prices. It has great donuts, though!

Hopefully some of these acronyms will help you skate by — trust us, you’ll pick it up quick. In the meantime, if you’re ever confused, feel free to ask. You’ll find that upperclassmen are more than happy to help you out with directions or questions.


Alexandria Hentschel is a sophomore International Studies and Spanish double major and the off-campus news editor for Cedars. She enjoys old books, strong coffee, and honest debate.


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