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Restrictions are Being Placed on Education in China, which may Concern Parents

Photo Credit: Synyan, CC BY 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons By Michael Cleverly  The Chinese government made a law during the summer regulating after-school, off-school and online tutoring limiting when tutoring could take place. The government said the children were already doing more than they needed to and to help ease the work burden they would regulate tutoring to give students more time to relax. This regulation may relate to a recent ...

‘Dear Evan Hansen’ is an Impactful Film Critics Just Don’t Understand

By Sam Acosta “Dear Evan Hansen” is a beautiful adaptation that brings the same big emotions that the original musical did. While some of the most popular songs are missing from the film, the story is still largely intact and communicated well. The new songs written for the film are also well written and well placed within the story's narrative. The movie follows Evan, a high school senior struggling with depression and anxiety, whose therapist has instructed him to write letters of ...

Arts and Entertainment Podcast: Is ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ a misunderstood masterpiece?

Are the critics right in calling “Dear Evan Hansen” “a total misfire” and “one of the worst movie musicals ever made”? Or is there something beautiful and even remarkable to be appreciated even in light of the movie’s imperfections? In this episode, hosts Sam Acosta and Ben Hiett give their honest and original thoughts on one of the most polarizing movies in recent memory.