Johnson Hall is the Dorm for Community

By Jewell Strock

Cedarville University has many dorms on campus, each with its own unique traits and locations. The goal of each dorm is to create a community that encourages residents in their faith and growth in Christ, as well as forming deep friendships.

Johnson Hall is just one of the nine girl dormitories to choose from when living on campus. Located towards the outside of campus, about 130 female students reside in Johnson. Johnson is located near Brock Hall and is the sister dorm to St. Clair Hall. Johnson shares a coed lounge with St. Clair, as well as two female-only lounges, one with a TV and one specifically for studying.

There is a mix of majors, as well as underclassmen and upperclassmen, allowing for a diverse group of friends within the dorm. Johnson Hall resides near the soccer fields, tennis courts, and the more recently removed volleyball courts.

What sets Johnson apart from the other dorms? What makes Johnson unique?

Hannah Barber, a current senior resident of Johnson says, “I like that the bro-sis halls are close, and also that everyone I know in Johnson has been so kind. The community is very good. I like that everyone in the lounge always says ‘hi,’ and that my hall is very caring and they help whenever anyone asks.”

“There isn’t a parking lot in front of the dorm,” Ashley Horn, a current sophomore resident,  says when I asked about her opinion on Johnson, “so it’s really beautiful out front.”

Parking is also not an issue for residents of Johnson. As the dorm is located right by Africa and Europe, there is never a problem finding a spot during the day as well as at night.

“It’s a bit more of a walk from the rest of campus than the other dorms,” Horn says as she describes why she loves the location of Johnson, “but it’s so fun to spend that walk having good conversations with others, which happens a lot.”

The size of Johnson is helping many girls meet new people but continue connecting with girls they already know. Horn says, “It’s big enough to always be able to make a new friend, but small enough that it’s pretty easy to recognize everyone who lives there.”

Johnson Hall, while it does seem far, is a welcoming and friendly community and atmosphere, and residents love living there. There are multiple female halls to choose from when living on campus, and Johnson seems to be well-liked.

Jewell Strock is a sophomore International Studies major and a writer for Cedars. She enjoys drinking matcha and listening to music 24/7.

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