The 2000s Are Making a Comeback

By Anna Harman

It’s crazy to think that the 2000s began over 20 years ago. Many current Cedarville students were born in the early 2000s, and it hardly feels like it was so long ago. It’s common that fashion changes over the years. People often get bored with certain looks and create new ones or go back to old ones that were retired for a while. In this case, 2000s fashion trends seem to be making a comeback in 2022.

The 2000s were notorious for awkward style choices such as low-rise jeans, cowl-neck shirts, peasant tops, popcorn tops, capri pants, lace-up jeans, lace-up shirts, strappy sandals, unnecessary scarfs, trucker hats and dresses over jeans, among other things. Many of these things are trying to creep their way back into the fashion world. Bootcut jeans, cropped clothing, low-rise pants, lots of denim, cropped cardigans and jackets, mini purses, Uggs, tracksuits, platform sandals, corsets, bucket hats and excessive layers of clothing, to name a few.

Cedarville sophomore Christina Kotsatos says, “History repeats itself. And people like vintage stuff. This clothing that is coming back is considered vintage now.”

Sophomore Julia Peterson says, “I think the high fashion world has a lot to do with what’s trending. Once they make it a trend, then lower fast fashion brands make similar things just at an affordable price.”

The early 2000s fashion was fun, it was loud and less carefully constructed than what celebrities wear today. It was a time when vintage styles from the 1960s as well as Bohemian looks were influencing the fashion world. The 2000s played a major part in the growth of fast fashion or affordable clothing from generic stores that is based on fashion models. Globalization and fast fashion were huge contributing factors on the clothing trends of the time. Music had a great impact on fashion trends of the 2000s as well. For example, hip-hop fashion was commonly popular among young people. This music sub-culture resulted in trucker hats, sweatbands, camouflage clothing, Air Force Ones, and baggy T-shirts and jeans being worn by many young people during this time.

Peterson says, “Things like scrunchies came back from the 80s and were popular a few years ago, or even like baggy jeans came back when it used to be popular to wear skinny jeans, so trends definitely come back. I think it’s hard not to find cropped clothing everywhere in sweatshirts, shirts, etc.”

Anna Harman is a sophomore Biblical Studies major and also a reporter for Cedars. She appreciates writing, peppermint tea, flowers and going to concerts.

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