Tim Allen returns in the new Disney+ series ‘The Santa Clauses’

By Anna Harman

No one is more excited about this series than I am. “The Santa Clause” movies are some of my all-time favorites, and I’ve had the release date for this series on my calendar since it was announced. I think that it is very exciting to see the beloved characters from the original films come back. When filmmakers remake films or do a spin-off series, oftentimes they can’t get the cast to participate in it. But in this series, Tim Allen returns as Santa Claus, Elizabeth Mitchell returns as Mrs.Claus and Eric Lloyd returns as Charlie. 

Santa has been in his role for 28 years, and it’s seemingly coming to a close. Santa and Mrs. Claus now have two kids, Sandra and Cal, played by Elizabeth Allen and Austin Kane, who yearn to live in the normal world. Santa is starting to lose his touch, and the number of kids around the world that don’t believe in Santa is causing his magic to fail him. Santa discovers that he can choose to retire, but only if he finds a replacement Santa Claus.  

I am most excited that Eric Lloyd makes an appearance in this series. Charlie is such an important part of the original films, and I can’t imagine him not being a part of this spin-off. While there are several familiar faces, there are many new ones. It is cool to see some of the new characters, such as Scott and Carol’s two teenagers, Sandra and Cal. Sandra is played by Tim Allen’s actual daughter, Elizabeth. I think that is a really special addition to this series, to have Tim Allen pass on this piece of his legacy to his daughter and let her be a part of this world.

Scott Calvin’s son Charlie returns in the new series.

Overall, I enjoy the first two episodes of the show. The episodes are only 30 minutes long, so I like that it isn’t too long. It is a very funny show, and it appeals to culture today by tapping into things such as the importance of equality, Harry Styles and technology to the generation of kids today. My only complaint is that it does look a little bit overdone at times. It feels a bit quirky and cheap when you watch the intro to the show, and the set looks less timeless than the classic films. But other than that, I think they do a great job creating a modern show that brings back a classic Christmas film.  

In the following episodes, David Krumholtz will also return as Bernard. I’m hoping that there are some other cameos in the series such as Laura, played by Wendy Crewson. But for now, I am very excited about this series that brings back some happy holiday memories for me and so many others. 

“The Santa Clauses” is now streaming on Disney+.

Anna Harman is a junior Biblical Studies major and also a reporter for Cedars. She appreciates writing, peppermint tea, flowers and going to concerts.

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