Anne Wilson’s ‘My Jesus’ is a story that testifies to the goodness of God.

By Laci Strouse

Anne Wilson is a new Christian artist and receiver of the Breakout Single of the Year award at the 2022 K-LOVE awards for her debut single, “My Jesus.” Her new book, also titled “My Jesus,” follows Wilson’s story and how God brings hope in the midst of heartache. 

The book begins with a forward written by Christian song artist Matthew West. He describes how he met Wilson and the events that led to creating Wilson’s debut single with her. I enjoy being able to read from West’s perspective. He takes a chance on a newcomer and creates a masterpiece that would later touch the hearts of many.

Following the forward, Wilson recalls memories from her childhood. She paints a beautiful picture of her past and family farm. Now that I’ve read the first chapter, I can clearly imagine the bluegrass hills and cool valleys. I have never been to Kentucky, but I went there through her vivid descriptions. 

The second chapter continues the childhood memories but focuses on the death of her older brother and the role this played in her singing career. While she’s told this story in interviews before, in the book, Wilson allows us to truly meet Jacob Kent Wilson. I now know about her beloved brother and see him through her eyes from her descriptions in the book. I can tell just how much Wilson loves him and how Jacob is still her inspiration. I’m able to better understand the lyrics of her songs and apply them to her story. Emotion fills every word of what she went through.

Wilson releases the song, “Hey Girl” and creates the Hey Girl movement.

Toward the middle of the book, Wilson explains the story of how she lost her brother to a car accident. Wilson did not hold back as she pours her heart out into the text. She gives in detail the moment she found out her brother passed and describes the days to come. I admire how Wilson wasn’t afraid to tell her story. She explains every hard moment in such great detail. Despite her hurt, she holds on tight to the Lord. 

 My heart broke while reading her deepest thoughts. I can’t imagine the pain she went through. I am beyond impressed by her unshakeable faith. Her story inspires me to look at my own life and hold tightly to the Lord when things go wrong. Her story serves as an example of even in the darkest times, it is possible to stay strong in the Faith.

Despite the sorrow, God used this for her good and His glory. Wilson mentions a few moments in her life that are miraculous. I am in awe of the ways God intervened in her life. Wilson explains how she was unable to afford the expense to start her career. She had a dream where God told her the exact date when she’ll get the money. When the date arrived, her dad came to her with a check that covered almost the full expense. While reading this part, I placed the book down and looked over at my friend. With a huge smile, I told her about all of the miraculous ways God helped Wilson. After the retelling, she was awestruck as well. 

Wilson receives K-Love Award receives the Breakout Single of the Year at the 2022 K-LOVE awards for her debut single, “My Jesus.”

Towards the end of the book, Wilson explains everything she faced to get to her singing career. I learned a lot about the music industry from her. I never knew how much work it is to actually become a singer. It isn’t a lifestyle for the weak. Wilson explains the process of lessons, songwriting, and performing. I admired that she gave the full story of what it takes to become a Christian singer. 

Wilson’s book carries a strong central message. As the name of the book implies, God can bring hope out of heartache. The heartache half gives me the ability to better understand her struggle and the hopes section fills me with a renewed sense of purpose. Despite everything she went through, God didn’t leave her in the pit of pain.

The writing is filled with emotion and provided me an opportunity to get to know the artist behind the song. Wilson’s career in the music industry is clearly no coincidence. Everything has been set before her by God. I encourage others to read this book because it shows exactly how God intervened. It is a short easy read and can be enjoyed by anyone as it is a wonderful testimony of the goodness of God.

“My Jesus” can be purchased on and

Laci Strouse is a freshman Professional Writing and Information Design major as well as a reporter for the Cedars. She enjoys reading Christian books, embroidering, running, and golfing with her brothers.

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