Anne Wilson songs that I keep on repeat.

By Laci Strouse

Anne Wilson is a country Christian singer who won a Klove award for her debut single, “My Jesus.” I first heard Wilson’s songs while driving to school. It played on the radio and I quickly loved the heartfelt worship music with a country twang. I decided to listen to the rest of her songs and all of them captured my heart, and I have found several that I keep on repeat.

Anne Wilson tells her story through the “My Jesus” music video.

“My Jesus:”

“My Jesus” is the first song Wilson released, which started her singing career. She won the “Breakout Single of the Year” award for this song. 

When I first heard this song I immediately fell in love. The lyrics are filled with praises to Jesus while accompanied by a country twang. This gives the song a unique style which increases my appreciation. I played this song every morning while driving to school during my senior year of high school. It is uplifting and focuses my mind on Jesus. 

The music video is also beautiful and worth the watch. In the video, a scene is played out to recreate the moment when Wilson lost her brother. She tells her story through this song and how she holds on to Jesus. Her story and song both serve as an encouragement and inspiration.

“Something About That Name:”

“Something About That Name” is my favorite song by Wilson. This is my go-to song when I’m going on a scenic or country drive. The music is peaceful and relaxing. Similar to her song, “My Jesus,” this song also describes who Jesus is. The calming music matches perfectly with the poetic lyrics as it describes the name of Jesus. 

Logo of Anne Wilson’s Hey Girl movement.

“Hey Girl:”

This song inspired Wilson’s Hey Girl Movement and Hey Girl Pledge. Through this song, Wilson shares love and confidence with the younger girls. The lyrics are filled with hope and encouragement to embrace who God created you to be. As someone who struggled with insecurities and self-worth as a young girl, I feel so comforted and inspired by this song. 

“Sunday Sermons:”

“Sunday Sermons” focuses on Wilson’s experience in church. She starts by stating how her 7-year-old self first found Jesus in the church. She then sings about the sermons, pews and worship. She expresses the joy of going to church and declaring that the church is a part of her. This song is beautiful and expresses wonderfully the joys of going to church. The song is also upbeat and catchy while still maintaining that country twang. It is perfect to listen to at any time, but especially on Sunday mornings.

“God Thing:”

I truly love the meaning behind the song, “God Thing.” The song expresses how every good moment and blessing comes from God. It isn’t from coincidence or anything else. The message is beautiful and a great worship song to thank God for His tremendous blessings. The music puts me in a strong country mood and is upbeat. I love to sing this song while driving with the windows down. Despite my love for the music, the lyrics are what take it over the top. I haven’t heard a Christian song that addresses the topic the way this one does. 

“Living Water:”

“Living Water” is Wilson’s newest song. She released this song to be in the movie “Jesus Revolution.” Her song sums up the theme of the movie. It is a call to everyone who is hurting to give their life to God and find peace. 

The lyrics do a wonderful job of displaying this mission call and encouraging people to find healing. The music is also upbeat and cheerful. I also love the music video for this song. It switches between clips of Wilson singing and scenes from the Jesus Revolution movie. A powerful testimony scene is shown in her video which further empowers the music video.

“Closer to God:”

Last but not least is a slower song Wilson created, called “Closer to God.” The music is slower and creates a peaceful serenade. I love the lyrics and the deep meaning behind the song. The song is an encouragement that whenever things get hard, God is still with you. It is also a reminder that these hard times will bring you closer to God. She identifies God as a friend who is holding your hand and listening to you. 

Whenever times get hard I play this song on repeat. I even play this song while crying out to the Lord. The lyrics and melody are both absolutely stunning. It is a great song to listen to while journaling, reflecting, praying, or reading the Bible. It also serves as a great encouragement to send to a friend or love one if they are hurting. I hope this song inspires you as much as it inspires me.

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Laci Strouse is a freshman Professional Writing and Information Design major as well as a reporter for the Cedars. She enjoys reading Christian Fiction, embroidering, running, and golfing with her brothers.

Photo courtesy of Anne Wilson

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