Mom and Dad’s is a local favorite

By Anna Harman

Only a handful of restaurants exist in the small town of Cedarville, and among them is Mom and Dad’s Dairy Bar and Grill. This local spot is right across the street from Cedarville University, making it a popular hangout for students.
In the late 1950s, the Irvine family built the Dairy Isle, which is now recognized as the location for Mom and Dad’s. Numerous families have owned the business over the years. In 1990, the Holmes family bought the business and turned it into what is now Mom and Dad’s.
“My parents were missionaries in Australia prior to buying the business,” said owner Deborah Holmes. “My dad, Bruce Holmes, developed medical issues and had to retire, so the family agreed to purchase the dairy bar to meet their financial needs.” Initially, members of the Holmes family were the only ones who worked at Mom and Dad’s, but over time more people were hired to help out.
Holmes is a 1985 graduate of Cedarville University who taught for 35 years in the Xenia Community School system. For 30 years, she worked two full-time jobs -teaching during the day and working at the dairy bar at night. In 2014, she took over the Dairy Bar after her mom died. The motivation behind this business was to provide the village of Cedarville with quality food at reasonable prices. They have something to accommodate every price range. Residents of Cedarville
don’t need to drive very far if they’re hungry.
“My favorite part of owning Mom and Dad’s is getting to know employees – their interests, goals, and ambitions,” Holmes said. She also enjoys meeting and getting to know customers. “People have interesting stories when you get time to hear them,” said Holmes. “Sometimes people need help or just an ear to listen. All of this keeps life interesting.”
Many Cedarville students go to Mom and Dad’s throughout the school year to get ice cream or a quick late-night snack. It’s a popular spot that’s both inexpensive and convenient in location.
Christina Kotsatos, a junior Early Childhood Education major, enjoys the convenience of Mom and Dad’s. “They are right across the street so you don’t have to travel far for decent ice cream,” she said. “Plus, it’s a good alternative to the campus food options.” She also enjoys that they are one of the only places in Cedarville that deliver. One of her favorite things to get there is the birthday cake ice cream.
Jewell Strock, junior International Studies major, said, “I love that Mom and Dad’s is conveniently located to the campus and open late. It’s easier to walk there with friends, particularly when you don’t own a vehicle, at any time of the day, but especially when you get some late-night cravings. Some of my quality memories have been made either ordering Mom and Dad’s or walking there with friends.

“A lot of times I’ll order a cherry slushy, and if I’m in the mood for something sweet, I’ll get their funnel cake fries, which are quite delicious,” Strock said. “But if I’m in the mood for something salty, I’ll get either some fries and ketchup, although the ranch is also good, or sometimes a soft pretzel with cheese.” As the years go on, menu items are added, equipment is updated, and Mom and Dad’s continues to serve the community well with quality food at reasonable prices. Mom and Dad’s will continue to be a favorite for Cedarville students and locals for many more years to come. Holmes wants to say: “Thank you to all who have and do support Mom and Dad’s. We value all customers. If you are new to Cedarville, be sure to stop in and experience Mom and Dad’s.”

Anna Harman is a junior Biblical Studies major and also a reporter for Cedars. She appreciates writing,
peppermint tea, flowers, and going

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