Cedarville University welcomes Christmas with this year’s heartwarming concert

By Mitchell DeBusk

Cedarville’s annual Community Christmas Celebration has dazzled attendees for over twenty years and this year’s musical extravaganza proved no exception. Featuring performances from the University Jazz Band, Women’s Choir, Concert Chorale, Orchestra and Harp Ensemble, every section had the opportunity to demonstrate their talents as well as their Christmas spirit.

Dixon Ministry Center’s Jeremiah Chapel was packed to the brim with eager families and students alike, all waiting for the beautiful music. Six o‘clock came at last and an eager hush fell over the crowd (besides the overly-excited child here and there). The night began with a rousing performance from the Orchestra to set the Christmas mood for all in attendance. The months of hard work and dedication to their craft were on full display as each section of the orchestra harmonized to create beautiful music in praise of our Lord. 

A soft Harp Ensemble came after which brought a hush over the crowd. The Women’s Choir followed with melodic songs that filled the chapel with Christmas joy.

The Women’s Choir wowed the audience with their songs. 

A member of the Women’s Choir, Emma Chilcote, shared that preparation for the Christmas chapel and the Sunday night service began at the very beginning of the semester, months in advance.

“It takes a lot of work to get ready so we get as much of a head start as we can,” said Chilcote.

When asked about her thoughts on the night’s performance, Women’s Choir member Larissa Brye said that it couldn’t have been better.

“It’s always so fun to watch all the other groups since we know that, just like us, they’ve put in a ton of work. Everything went so smoothly for all the different ensembles” said Brye. “Our director is excellent at unifying us and making sure we’re in our best form.”

The jazz band’s performance boosted the high spirits of the night even higher with their solo-ripe songs that paid homage to the roots of American music as well as the Christmas days of old. Jazz band member Luke Moore shared how much fun putting on a concert can be.

Jazz band brought soul to the Christmass celebration.

“I love being up there with my jazz bandmates because I know I can always count on them to surprise me in the coolest ways. Jazz is fun and uplifting to the soul” said Moore.

A heartwarming performance from Concert Chorale and another performance from the orchestra closed out the night’s festivities. A rendition of the song “Messiah” by the combined ensemble finished the night with a festive bang. The Christmas concert may be over, but keep up with Cedarville’s social media for a heads up when the next musical performance is on its way!

Mitchell DeBusk is a senior Political Science major. He enjoys gaming with friends whenever he gets the chance. 

Images courtesy of Cody Ballmer

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