Abbott Elementary opens season three with a two-part special

By Katlynn Rossignol

Three seasons and thriving, “Abbott Elementary” has made a name for itself on TV and streaming. Season two progressed the show’s premise by expanding the characters and their relationships. The season ended with a victory over Legacy Charter Schools, hopeful development for Janine’s family conflicts and a ‘will-they-won’t-they’ relationship between Gregory and Janine. With multiple plotlines left open, audiences have plenty to look forward to with the start of season three. 

Season three reopened the doors to Abbott Elementary School with a two-episode special. Right away, it’s revealed that five months have passed since the end of season two, and Janine is putting on a career day with the notoriously unreliable District School Board. It’s an exciting way to start the season and grabs your attention as the camera crew scrambles to piece together what happened during the months they were gone. 

A zoologist visits Janine’s old classroom for Career Day. 

Without spoiling too much, I’d say the comedy of these episodes continues to be stellar and pushes each character into new territory. In areas where realism is sacrificed, the humor of the moments fuels the audience’s suspension of disbelief. Crazy situations seem almost possible when character motivations are thrown into the mix. 

“Abbott Elementary” does a great job utilizing its setting to connect with its audience. Many people can relate to the show’s school setting, whether you work in the education system or only spent some time there as a student. With an environment as chaotic as elementary school, new challenges arise constantly for the teachers to overcome. The setting provides a significant element for the show’s message of “persistence despite the odds.” The teachers are shown to work hard for their students’ education, all while learning lessons about themselves. It’s worth catching up on the first two seasons to see the characters’ development. 

Janine pitches a new idea to the District School Board. 

I’m hopeful that this season will continue to bring its comedic take on the public education system and develop “Abbott Elementary’s” fantastic cast. The first two episodes of season three do a great job setting up a change in the cast’s dynamics and promises a wild ride. I recommend “Abbott Elementary” to fans of teacher humor, sitcoms and “The Office.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the show’s style, plot and themes of season one, check out Cedar’s season one review of “Abbott Elementary.” 

“Abbott Elementary” season one and two is available to watch on Hulu

Season three episodes are currently released weekly on Hulu.

Katlynn Rossignol is a sophomore Strategic Communications Major and A&E writer for Cedars. She loves arts and crafts, spending time with friends and watching superhero movies.  

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