The heartbeat of Lil Sibs Weekend: what makes this weekend event so special

By Bella Agnello

This past weekend, hundreds of guests arrived on campus to spend time with their siblings for Lil Sibs Weekend – a Cedarville tradition that reunites siblings for a weekend of fun and experience.

Sara Weller, a sophomore in high school, was fortunate enough to visit both of her sisters: Olivia, a junior Exercise Science major, and Aubre, a freshman Worship major. Together, they created a weekend full of memories to last a lifetime.

When Sara Weller arrived on campus on Friday, she and sisters Aubre and Olivia went to dinner at Chick-Fil-A. After dinner, the sisters showed Sara what one of the ALT Night activities looked like at Cedarville.

“We went to the Monsters University movie, which was so cute,” Aubre said. “We ended our night like a college student by going to Bill’s Donuts and having an eventful and lively jam session on the way there with Justin Bieber.”

Sara Weller stayed the nights with Olivia and spent the days with Aubre, which allowed her to spend time with both her sisters and their friends.

“It was fun to see both of them and to hang out with their friends,” Sara said. “It felt like their friends were my siblings, too.”

On Saturday, Aubre took Sara shopping with her and they went out for lunch and a special treat.

“We even stopped at Sara’s favorite: Crumbl Cookies,” Aubre said. “I know I had a blast and it made me more excited to eventually have Sara here on campus, if that’s what she decides.”

The sisters returned to campus, where Olivia took Sara to a basketball game before going to a friend’s house to get ready for the Legacy Dance – a formal student-organized event celebrating friendships, held at the Cedarland Event Center.

Finally, on Sunday, Aubre brought the weekend to a close by taking her younger sister to church with her.

Aubre’s experience with her sister was a long awaited one. Last year during Aubre’s senior year of high school, she and Sara grew closer because they had several overlapping activities and spent the majority of their time together. In having her little sister on campus, Aubre was allowed to make up for lost time.

“I’ve missed those times and being able to just talk with her and hear her endless amount of wisdom which goes far beyond her years,” Aubre said. “The overall Lil Sibs Weekend was so fun and a great excuse for Sara to come hang out on campus!”

Sara found that in spending time with her sisters, her love for Cedarville grew, too.

“It made me more excited to go to Cedarville and the community was very welcoming,” Sara said. “I would definitely do Lil Sibs Weekend again.”

Bella Agnello is a freshman Broadcasting major with a concentration in Journalism. She enjoys thrifting, listening to records, and reading classic Russian literature in her spare time.

Photo credit: Aubre Weller

Left to Right: Olivia, Sara, Aubre

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    Mike Weller February 27, 2024 (8:43 pm)

    Such a great weekend for our 3 girls. Thankful for their close bond and for a University that encourages this sibling connection.