Senior Sunday: Jordyn Foulkrod

By Esther Fultz

Jordyn Foulkrod is a senior education major at Cedarville University. She specifically appreciates the close community she has been surrounded with, the different people she has met, and the professors she has been able to learn from.

“The professors really care about you and want you to see you do well,” Foulkrod said. “They don’t think lowly of you. And if you look hard enough, the range of people you will meet with different beliefs and backgrounds is super cool. Even though a large majority of people are similar here, there are outliers.”

Foulkrod’s favorite memories have often been the spontaneous ones.

“I remember specifically going to a Marvel movie with just enough time before curfew and deciding on the spot and just going for it,” Foulkrod said. “[Cedarville] has a campus that fosters a lot of community involvement and they do a really good job of creating a sphere where you can have community.”

During the past four years, Foulkrod has grown in her ability to care for others well.

“I’ve learned how to care with a Christlike love and God has helped me know where I want to go next and what I want to do,” Foulkrod said. “I want to work in an inner city school where there’s high demand with students who probably have been given up on a lot by teachers and work with those students and give them hope.”

Later down the road, Foulkrod has dreams of starting a coffee shop ministry.

“I don’t know exactly how to go about that,” Foulkrod said. “But I think after teaching for a while and learning about how people learn and why people want to learn or don’t want to learn, I want to apply that to ministry. And opening a coffee shop is a way you can leave your church and try to spread the Gospel.”

Foulkrod would encourage freshmen and other current students to be mindful of their priorities and spend their time accordingly to make the most of their time at Cedarville.

“Know that you get to choose who you’re around and how you spend your time,” Foulkrod said. “Like you don’t have to do everything by any means, but you can be intentional in what you spend your time doing. And the way your calendar breaks up should be reflecting what your priorities are.”

Esther Fultz is a senior Social Work major and the Off Campus Editor for Cedars. When she’s not writing or editing for Cedars she enjoys thrifting, making coffee, exploring new places, and spending time with friends.

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