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Maddox Wins Annual Football Game

Maddox won the annual Gridiron Classic against Printy on Nov. 8. They ended the game of flag football with 22 points, narrowly beating Printy, who scored 20 points.

Students Excited at Cedarville’s Moonlight Madness

Students share their excitement for Cedarville's Moonlight Madness Nov. 1. WATCH:

FestiFall Celebration Unifies Student Body [VIDEO]

Cedarville's FestiFall class council event brought freshmen through senior students together for fall activities. WATCH:

Cedarville President Breaks a Board with His Head [VIDEO]

Cedarville President Dr. Thomas White promised the students that he would break a board with his head if the 300by30 challenge was completed, receiving 300 applications by Sept. 30. If at least 300 students applied, Dr. White would break a board with his head in chapel. WATCH: Lauren Eissler is a senior journalism major and editor-in-chief for Cedars. She essentially lives in the J-Lab, with her caffeine intake roughly corresponding to how many articles she's writing, and tweets as ...