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Men’s Tennis Player Shares Love for Tennis with Grandfather [VIDEO]

The grandfather of senior tennis player John Filcik has enjoyed watching his grandson play on the Men's Tennis Team the past four years. WATCH:

What Do Cedarville Students Think of the Hashtag Signs? [VIDEO]

Cedarville University debuted hashtag signs on some lamp posts around campus this school year. What do students think of the signs? WATCH:

Cedarville Students Update Status to ‘Involved’ [VIDEO]

Cedarville University hosted its annual Involvement fair on Aug. 22. Cedars asked students at the fair what their favorite part of Cedarville is. WATCH:  

Cedarville students train dogs for 4 Paws [VIDEO]

Cedarville University students are working with 4 Paws for Ability to train service dogs. The dogs are a common site on campus. WATCH:

Changes for Amp Up on Resound [VIDEO]

Josh Evans has joined Angela Schweinitz on the afternoon show on Resound, the Cedarville University student radio station. WATCH:

Senior Theatre Major Breathes Fire [VIDEO]

Cedarville senior theatre major Virginia "V" Scites has a unique background: she was raised in a traveling circus. Scites grew up traveling and performing historical circus acts with her parents and brother. She is a skilled fire breather and one of only seven or eight people in the world who sword walks. She is also a talented singer, contortionist and fire dancer, among many other things. Here she talks about how she learned to breathe fire and shows us how it's done. WATCH:

Pastor Bob Rohm Honored in Cedarville University Chapel on Sept. 16 [VIDEO]

Pastor Bob Rohm, former vice president for Christian ministries, was honored in chapel on Sept. 16 for his 27 years of service at Cedarville University. Some of the people that spoke include Dr. Bill Brown, former president and current chancellor; Jim Cato, a staff member Rohm oversaw; and Christian Figueredo, last year's SGA chaplain. WATCH: