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Freshmen Engineering Students Work Together to Build a Cardboard Canoe

by Chris Karenbauer They were nervous for this race. Although they spent several hours building their canoe, they still did not feel ready. Two freshmen Engineer students knelt in their canoe. Jake Brucken was in front, and Alex Heinrich in the back. They had a slow start. Team 3 rowed ahead of them. Jake and Alex continued to row. Slowly but surely, they would reach the shore.  They rowed past the first set of buoys. Then the next. Then the next. About halfway to the finish line, ...

Alumna Comes Home

Danielle Fredette returns to teach electrical engineering by Rebekah Erway Cedarville University graduate Danielle Fredette has returned to the college this semester as an assistant professor of electrical engineering. Fredette, formerly Scarpone, graduated from Cedarville in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. She went on to earn a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from Ohio State University and is currently working on her doctoral degree in ...

Engineers Race Across Lake in Cardboard

Every year, engineering students and volunteering teams build cardboard boats to race across Cedar Lake at Cedarville's Homecoming. This year's participants took on a rainy afternoon Friday Sept. 30