Gospelfest to Include Dancing, Live Painting

Gospelfest will be different than previous years – it will not be limited to song. Gospelfest on Nov. 16 at 7 p.m. will also include dancing and live painting as other forms of worship, said Thomas Redic, SGA campus community director.

Justin Spann, the director of OneVoice, said the live painting will be a creative expression of worship to God, who is creative and expressive.

“The audience should come expecting a free environment for people to just appreciate what God has been doing in people’s lives,” Redic said.

Spann said gospel music is all about participation. He said people should come expecting passionate and expressive displays of worship.

Gospel fests are for people to get together to celebrate gospel music with choirs, soloists and those attending, Spann said. Cedarville’s Gospelfest will be a time to celebrate the good news of the gospel through gospel and praise and worship music.

“Gospelfest was born out of a desire we have,” Redic said. “What we do in OneVoice is we want to go out and connect with other passionate college gospel choirs.”

Redic said interacting with other choirs is almost like seeing family.

“It’s almost like seeing your distant cousins,” he said, “because it’s a time when you can all go and sing together and worship together, so I think that’s the one big thing that’s affected me. You leave feeling like you have family and that people really do have your best interest at heart. It’s not just about music. It’s about worship and building community. I think this event has a lot to do with fostering Christian community.”

Performers at Gospelfest will include gospel choirs from Wright State University, Ohio University and Bowling Green State University as well as Cedarville’s own OneVoice Gospel Choir. In addition to Cedarville’s dance group Expressions of Praise, Ohio University’s dance team will be coming as well.

Maya Palmisciano is a sophomore technical and professional communication major and reporter for Cedars. Music, especially her clarinet, is her second love (next to writing, of course!).

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