Cedarville Falls Short On World Record Atempt

A Cedarville org attempted a world record Saturday night.

The record was for the world’s largest knockout game, a record set by Iowa State at 571 people. Cedarville’s knockout game reached 291 people.

Delta Alpha Epsilon, an alumni-based org on campus, organized the game to raise money for their spring break MIS trip to Eleuthra, a small island in the Bahamas. On the MIS trip, they will be working with Ryan and Emily Flunker, who are Cedarville alumni and administrators at Windermere High School, a Christian school in Eleuthra for grades 5-12. On their trip, they will be doing a Spiritual Emphasis Week, which will have three sessions a day focusing on the gospel.

“We’re writing the curriculum, we’re gonna do the lessons, the games,” Zack Luce, a member of DAE said, “so we’re pretty much putting on the whole summer camp type thing.”

The winner of the $150 cash prize of the knockout game was Adam Levesque. He said that he almost got out on purpose toward the beginning of the game so he could leave.

“I was thinking about leaving because I was hungry and didn’t have dinner,” Levesque said, “but I stuck it out.”

Levesque had to give his prize to the fourth place winner because NCAA rules prevented him from taking it for himself. He plays varsity tennis for Cedarville.

Cedarville students they signed up for the knockout game because said that this sounded like an exciting fundraiser.

“I thought it’d be a fun thing to do to help support the school,” Jenna Wright said.

“I decided to sign up for the knockout game because I love basketball,” Lizzie Blair said, “and a giant knock out game sounds like fun.”

Dustin Norman, an advisor of DAE and leader of the event, said that he felt the knockout game was a success despite not beating the record.

“We feel that the knockout game went really well,” Norman said, “We had almost 300 people, so we didn’t quite break the record, but it was a lot of fun, people seemed to enjoy it, and we got out before midnight, which was a surprise to us all. We’re just excited to see how much money we raised.”

Jen Taggart is a freshman journalism major and reporter for Cedars. She enjoys writing, listening to music and fueling her chocolate addiction.

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