Comedy Org Raises Money for SGA Ministry, Other Ministries

DTR, Cedarville’s improv comedy org, raises money for various charities and support for their org through their shows.

All admission money from DTR’s upcoming show, “Chaos,” will go to support GROW. Chaos will include 30 skits, all written by the members of DTR, performed in a random order determined by the audience. Chaos is on April 11, 12 and 13 at 7 p.m. in Alford Auditorium. Tickets cost between 50 cents and $3.

DTR has previously partnered with nonprofits like Together We Rise, which works with children in foster care, and Children’s Lantern, a ministry that rescues individuals from the sex trade.

Earlier this semester, DTR raised money for their general expenses through their hour-long March show. This was fast-paced and full of energy, and a PowerPoint hanging above the stage called it, “The most A.D.D. show DTR has ever done!”

This March show was different from most of their other shows because it included an auction for the audience to bid on various items, such as a “Frozen” movie poster signed by the cast of DTR or a tooth courtesy of Stephen Clark, one of DTR’s members. The show brought in over $140 that went toward DTR’s general expenses.

During the March show, the cast previewed three skits that will be in Chaos.

“[The March] show really surpassed my expectations,” Jared Vega said. “I have very high standards for what I consider to be funny, and DTR went above and beyond what I anticipated. There was rarely a time where I wasn’t laughing and I look forward to returning for the show in April.”

DTR has 15 members, seven of whom joined the club this year. Michael Wood, the president of DTR, said each member possesses a talent that makes his or her comedy unique.

Clark said the club gives him a break from academics.

“[It’s] a really fun way to put stress aside and enjoy some time with a great community,” Clark said. “It’s a way to come together and refocus things, detox a bit, and remember what is really good, fun, and worthwhile.”

DTR shows have had an audience of close to 300 people at times. Wood said almost 60 people were asked to leave during a show last semester because the room was so crowded. DTR ended up performing a private show for the 60 who were asked to leave, giving them the opportunity to see the show they missed.

A show typically recycles material from past shows, but because the improvised nature of each show, skits are never performed the exact same way twice.

“The skit’s formats are always the same, but the content is always different,” Wood said.

Wood said this keeps the material fresh and helps attract students to the shows time and time again.

When asked what drew him to DTR, org member Johnathan Coraccio said DTR is “a cool means to spread laughter in God’s name and to use my talents in an uplifting atmosphere.”

Dan Case is a sophomore psychology major and reporter for Cedars. He is passionate about writing and loves having the opportunity to expand on that hobby through Cedars.

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