Cedarville A Cappella Group Will Perform Concert in the Opera House

The Inversions will perform their fall concert Saturday, Nov. 15 at 7:30 p.m. in the Cedarville Opera House.

The Inversions, Cedarville’s first and only a cappella group, began in October 2011.

Junior Robert Rhodes has been involved with The Inversions since his freshman year. Rhodes is the group’s PR director, part of the musical arrangement committee and a singer in the group.

“I had a dear friend of mine who actually graduated last year who was kind of one of the founding members of the group who graduated from my high school who actually asked me to be a part of the group before I came to Cedarville,” Rhodes said.

The Inversions will perform songs from a variety of genres, and Rhodes said there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Artists covered by the group include those from Stevie Wonder to Mumford and Sons.

“(The audience) can expect a lot of energy, a lot of fun, a lot of realness,” Rhodes said. “We’re not pretending to be something we’re not we’re just a bunch of kids who come from all sorts of different majors that love a cappella music and love to perform and love to perform well.”

Sophomore Jenna Classen joined the org this year and performs as an alto.

“I knew when I came back to Cedarville this year that I was going to audition because I went to their spring concert last semester and it was so cool,” she said. “And I really did feel the Lord saying this is where I want you. And it was cool the way God worked it out.”

Classen said The Inversions add a social aspect to the campus.

“I think (The Inversions) add a little bit of fun just like every org,” she said. “The one thing that we always say especially in rehearsals is that even though we’re not singing songs that may directly (be) praising God or even that say his name, we’re still using our abilities that he’s given us to provide encouragement for others.”

Classen also said the audience will be involved in the show.

“We interact with the audience quite a bit,” she said. “There’s going to be some contests and drawings.”

Sophomore Ben Yoder has returned for his second year with The Inversions. He is a vocal percussionist and occasionally sings baritone and bass for the group.

“I tried out (my) first semester last year and got in and decided I was going to try everything I could to make sure that it was something I was able to do all four years here at Cedarville,” he said.

Yoder said he’s able to maintain his high school passion of music through The Inversions.

“A cappella is such a big thing in American society right now and it’s kind of up and coming,” Yoder said. “You got Pitch Perfect or the Sing off and everybody loves that stuff. So to have something on campus that actually does it and to do it well – is pretty cool. I’m really glad to be a part of it.”

Yoder said the group is progressively better each year.

“Basically, you are going to get a lot of fun coming off the stage,” he said. “Then usually that type of thing is really infectious and so the audience gets into it (and) it’s going to flow well.”

Tickets are $5 at the door.

Ellie Dukes is a freshman nursing major and an arts and entertainment writer for Cedars. She likes to express her artistic abilities through cosmetology and writing. You can spot her anywhere there is a desire for God or there is a Chipotle.

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