A New Year Brings New Hosts for Resound Radio

Cedarville University’s student-run radio station, Resound Radio, has introduced a few new shows and hosts to its lineup this semester.

“Your Story”

Sophomore Emma Villanueva has been a part of Resound since late last semester, at which time she was invited by Resound’s advisor James Leightenheimer to host a trial interview show.

Villanueva said she was excited about the idea for the show when Leightenheimer approached her.

“I could interview every single person on this campus,” Villanueva said, recalling her thought at the time.

Villanueva accepted the offer and became the emcee of “Your Story,” which she affectionately calls “Share Your Story with Emma.” The show airs Mondays at 8 p.m. and typically covers the testimonies of people around campus, exploring how they came to Christ, what God has done in their lives, how they’ve grown over the years and examining some of the ups and downs in their lives.

“Your Story” started off peering into the lives of the university’s more renowned personalities before extending its focus to less well-known individuals. Thus far, Villanueva has had Allie Brown, SGA Vice President; Joe Bennett, SGA chapel band leader; and freshman student Jonathan Zavodney as guests.

“I was blessed immensely through that interview,” said Villanueva in reference to her time with Zavodney. “I’ve grown doing these interviews.”

Villanueva said she would someday like to combine her love for radio and ministry.

“My passion is for radio ministry,” she said. “My heart is really for Muslim ministry. I would love to be working on any type of radio missions.”


Sophomore David Long hosts Resound’s new midday show, which airs 12–3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Long has been a part of Resound for just over a year and a half and said he joined because of the experience he would gain at Resound.

“It seemed like a unique outlet for using my voice,” Long said. “It seemed like a great opportunity to expand my abilities and also learn new things besides just what I’d be experiencing in class.”

According to Long, the midday show covers music to events to personal stories.

“The music (Resound is) playing those particular hours, events that are going (on) – that’s a heavy topic that I talk about – anything newsworthy and the occasional good story or two that always seems to happen in my life,” Long said.

Long said prior to hosting the Resound middays, he was occasionally called upon to co-host with or fill in for Angela Schweinitz or Stephen Green, the hosts of Resound’s ever-popular Amp-Up, which airs from 3–5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

As a public communications major, Long said he would like to use his voice in his years beyond Resound and Cedarville to champion the Gospel, as well as bringing to light the details of important social issues and speaking on behalf of organizations and causes with whom he sympathizes. Long said his overall goal is simply to be of benefit to those who listen wherever he may go.

Mornings on Resound

Amy Radwanski, a sophomore broadcasting and journalism double major, hosts Resound’s morning show airing from 8 a.m.–12 p.m. (excluding the 10–11 a.m. chapel hour) Monday through Friday.

She said she has a system for the topics she talks about on the show.

“I’m actually a perfectionist and a control freak,” Radwanski said. “In the first hour, I’ll do three breaks (sections) focusing on a topic that relates to me and relates to the student body. In the nine o’clock hour, I’ll focus on chapel, talk about who was speaking the day before, talk about who is coming up to speak in the next week and then maybe go through something that’s interesting about the speaker. In the eleven o’clock hour, I will talk about events; stuff that’s going on today and stuff that’s going on for the rest of the week.”

Radwanski said she found her way into Resound as a result of her passion for people and her discovery of the effectiveness of communication.

“I looked at it as a performance opportunity first and foremost, and then came to realize how (Resound is) much more communication than it is performance,” she said. “I have always had a passion for performance, but coming to Cedarville, I explored a passion for people and how communication plays such an important role in that for me, personally.”

If you’d like to get to know Emma, David or Amy, stop by Resound’s headquarters in the lower SSC or tune in daily to Resound Radio at resoundradio.com.

Dominique Jackson is a junior broadcasting major with a concentration in audio and an arts and entertainment writer for Cedars. When he’s not recording, he enjoys writing poetry, singing loudly and ignoring most societal norms.

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