Album Review: ‘I Will Follow’

Jeremy Camp’s latest album “I Will Follow” is much more high-energy than his previous albums, and though the lyrics are still convicting, this album’s songs are a little less likely to be sung during Sunday morning worship. Heavy percussion, a quick tempo and lyric-filled songs sum up the majority of the album.

The album’s first track, “Living Word,” places you right into the jump-and-dance, fist-pumping, Christian-concert-like music that’s the majority of the album. “Living Word” focuses on God’s strength and power – particularly found through His Word.

The second track, “I Will Follow (You Are With Me),” has a very similar sound to the first track, though the electric guitar is much more prominent in this track and the notes much more staccato. “I Will Follow” also dips its toes slightly into a style resembling that of country music.

“He Knows My Name,” the album’s third track, is the radio single that fans have been singing along with for some time now. Taking a much slower approach than the first two songs, “He Knows My Name” is more worship-like and reflective, rather than lyric-packed. The percussion is heavy all throughout the album, but subsides a bit here, thankfully – though possibly not enough for one to fully comprehend the truth spoken of here.

“Finally Home” takes a folksy approach to singing about the day Heaven becomes reality and Christ and His Bride are together forever. While still a high-energy song, the dynamic is much lighter, giving the effect of little children skipping along, carefree. As the song goes, “I will be dancing free, unashamed before my King when I am finally home.”

The notion of freedom in Christ carries over to the next track, “Christ in Me.” But more so, the sufficiency of Christ and finding life in Him is the album’s focus. This focus is wound into nearly every song on Camp’s newest album. Camp sings of God’s faithfulness that is evident through God giving strength, caring intimately for us and being with us. God’s power makes all things possible and has already made Him victorious.

A fist-pumping, rapid-clapping tempo that starts off the album slowly morphs into more of a folksy style that mimics that of Rend Collective in parts. In other words, the album goes from jumping to skipping to foot-tapping if you were to compare each track to a physical rhythmic movement.

Vocal depth definitely adds to the album as do the changes in music styles. Background vocals are a part of the album’s tracks, such as “Finally Home,” “I Will Follow,” and “Same Power,” and a few of the tracks begin with different vocal effects, such as an added echo or muffled “ohs.”

Camp also displays his vocal talent by singing both lyric-heavy songs and songs requiring a more soothing and sustained voice.

Honestly, the heavy percussion and high-energy prevalent in Camp’s newest album make the tracks blend together – no one track sticks out and is easily hummable – and a bit redundant. Each song’s beginning and ending includes many of the same musical elements. However, the album’s slower tracks with more distinguishable lyrics, such as “Same Power,” “He Knows,” and “Here I Am,” balance out the album fairly well.

And, underneath the weightiness of tempo, percussion and an electronic sound are convicting lyrics. If you listen closely, Camp’s lyrics are still as chock-full of truth as ever before, and they might even move you to live out your faith in a new way. Take the enthusiasm about the Gospel this album conveys and adopt it into your own life: “Here I am, everything surrendered. I am Yours. Nothing else matters, laying down every one of my fears. God won’t You, God won’t You move me. Here I am.”

Anna Dembowski is a junior journalism major and managing editor/arts & entertainment editor for Cedars. She likes nearly anything that is the color purple and enjoys spelling the word “agathokakological.”

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