#TeamBrian Joins #TeamBlake on NBC’s ‘The Voice’

Cedarville alumnus Brian Johnson joined #TeamBlake on tonight’s episode of NBC’s “The Voice.”

Johnson, a 2012 grad, covered “Reason to Believe” during the show’s blind audition segment, which will continue Monday at 8 p.m.

Johnson didn’t make an appearance until just 20 minutes remained in the two-hour show, but his performance surely touched fans, musical coaches and family members.

As Johnson prepared to take the stage, a video including interviews and the story of his family, childhood and musical experience played. Johnson said, as a kid, he was often the victim of bullying because of his weight, his lack of confidence and his high voice. But that didn’t stop him from performing music later in life.

“If you hear him sing, you’ll know why he deserves to be here and how he can affect people with his voice,” Johnson’s dad said.

Johnson said he moved back home to Cleveland, Ohio, after he finished college so that he could care for his dad who had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and was now legally blind. His parents had separated, and Johnson said he wanted to care for his dad.

“I put music on hold because I just really wanted to be there for my dad in any way I could,” Johnson said.

Johnson also said that he married his high-school sweetheart, Kelly, shortly after college.

And it was these two — his dad and his wife — that cheered Johnson on from behind the scenes during his blind audition.

“In 90 seconds,” Johnson said, “my life could be completely different.”

Fans tweeted about his performance, and musical coach Adam Levine pushed his button just after Johnson hit the first few notes. Country music star Blake Shelton, whose team Johnson chose to join, also pressed his button shortly into the song.

Though Johnson said he grew up listening to Levine sing in Maroon 5 and was hoping to take a spot on Levine’s team, Johnson said he was persuaded to join #TeamBlake by the comments the country star made after Johnson’s performance.

“Blake said there’s nobody else on his team like me,” Johnson said.

And Shelton said Johnson has lots of passion and a voice that fills the room – vocal elements that add to his team.

“I’m trying to build the most diverse team,” Shelton said.

Listen to Johnson’s performance of “Reason to Believe” if you missed his blind audition.

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