Album Review: ‘Uncomfortable’

Christian rapper Andy Mineo released his newest album, “Uncomfortable,” Sept. 18. The album of 13 original tracks features different styles of rap, as well as various vocal styles.

The album’s title track, “Uncomfortable,” talks about getting away from the comfort of fame and bliss. Mineo raps about the necessity of stepping out of one’s comfort zone, with lyrics that are counter-cultural, as is common for the artist.

Almost all of the songs on the album are tinted with a message of going against the status quo. Mineo challenges his listeners to think against the status quo in songs like “Uncomfortable,” “Desperados” (featuring Mali Music), “Rat Race” (feat. Jon Bellion), and “Vendetta.” 

Throughout the album, Mineo touches on sticky issues in today’s culture, such as racism, poverty, government and abuse. 

In the second verse of Mineo’s “Uncomfortable,” the artist hints at responding to racism and Westboro Baptist Church’s notorious funeral pickets.

“My own people owned people, but they don’t own that. They say racism dead. Man, our president is black. Two terms in the White House, that don’t mean jack if we still believe our present ain’t affected by our past,” Mineo raps. “I apologize for Christians with pickets sayin’, ‘God hates fags.’ I promise Jesus wouldn’t act like that.”

While speaking out against these things, Mineo is sure to proclaim the name of God unashamed, as is the case in his track “Desperados.”

“I ain’t tryna be liked, man, I’m tryna be a light, bang! I ain’t tryna make a livin’, man, I’m tryna make a life, bang!” Mineo goes on to say, “I live by the fear of God.”

Mineo shares his testimony in many of the songs on “Uncomfortable,” one such song being “Now I Know.” Mineo opens up about some of the situations he’s walked through. He tells stories about his past as an unbeliever. He talks about the promiscuous life he once led and the transformation that took place after he became a Christian.

Mineo’s “Uncomfortable” continues the themes from his previous albums and adds a few others. His musical style embraces a variety of accompaniment, ranging from thick, electronic beats to soft piano and even jazzy licks.

Michael Shawn Carbaugh II is a sophomore music composition major and arts and entertainment writer for Cedars. He enjoys all kinds of writing, whether it be with musical notes or descriptive words.

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