Main Street Station Gives a Home-Cooked Alternative to Cedarville Dining

Main Street Station, a restaurant located on South Main Street in Cedarville, may be known best for its home-cooked meals and community atmosphere.

“There are no other home cooked meals in town whatsoever,” Dick Sleigh, current owner of the restaurant said.

Main Street Station was started by Wilma Miller 17 years ago.

Dick and Sena Sleigh are the second owners of the restaurant and have been managing the store for the last three years.

“Owning a restaurant is a deep passion for me, I knew I wanted to own a restaurant since I was 23, about 30 years ago,” Sleigh said.

The restaurant is open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Although the restaurant doesn’t currently serve breakfast, Sleigh said that he is working to make that feasible in the near future.

Main Street Station has a banquet room that seats up to 30 people and the restaurant offers free Wi-Fi. The inside and outside of the restaurant is adorned with a collection of antique railroad items, model toy cars, pictures, and the occasional Pittsburgh Steelers flag. All the pictures inside are for sale and are rotated out according to season and holidays.

Some of the restaurant’s most popular food items include the Pistol Pete Club and the homemade pies.

“A lot of people come here for the pies because everything’s homemade here,” Sleigh said.

The Pistol Pete Club is named after a community member, and so is the Chief Burger, which was named after the current Cedarville fire and police chiefs. The burgers are based on what their namesakes like on their burgers.

Scott Baldwin, full-time Cedarville fire chief, is a frequent customer at the restaurant.

“It’s good food, and it’s a cozy atmosphere,” Baldwin said.

Sleigh said the most rewarding part about being the owner is being able to interact with and get to know the customers.

“People come to the restaurant because they know they can get quality home cooked meals for a low price,” he said.

Sleigh said the normal clientele is an older crowd, but he would love to see more university students and their parents visit Main Street Station.

“I love having the students down here and would love suggestions from them,” Sleigh said.

Kenneth Williams, the restaurant’s cook, agreed that he would like to see more students at the restaurant.

“I wish more college folks knew that we’re down here,” he said. “We’re sure glad to serve them.”

Sleigh said the restaurant is a good place to get to know people in town.

“This is a great place to interact with the community,” he said.

Vicki Keller, a waitress originally from West Virginia, said working at Main Street Station provides her with a connection to the community.

“I’m not from here so this was the easiest way for me to meet people, connect and get to know them,” she said.

At its core, Main Street Station is about “quality food at a low price,” Sleigh said.

Gabe Chester is a freshman global business and marketing major and off-campus reporter for Cedars. He loves music, sports, school and God.

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