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Student Spotlight – Macy McClain: Walking By Faith

Macy McClain, a sophomore worship major, faces all of the challenges college students go through daily. She has to balance a busy schedule, get to class on time, keep up with her workload and make time for friends. The only difference is that McClain has the added obstacle of being blind. “I want to be the perfect blind person. I don’t want to need help,” McClain said. “I’m very stubborn, and I’m still learning the balance between accepting help from others and being independent....

Weekly Comic: “Vault of Neuroses” Interrupted

Under the Brim presents..."Vault of Neuroses" Interrupted     "Vault of Neuroses" Parts 1-10 Brian McCray is a junior studio art major and an arts & entertainment writer for Cedars. He enjoys drawing, writing, watching movies and composing short bios of himself.