Resound’s Longest-Running Show Keeps Purpose, Changes Hosts

Resound Radio’s afternoon show, Amp Up, had a complete cast change this semester when juniors Amy Radwanski and David Long took over as the new co-hosts for the show.

Former co-hosts Angela Schweinitz and Stephen Green selected Radwanski and Long to replace them last semester. Schweinitz graduated in December 2015, and Green is taking a break from college. While the time and purpose of the show, which is to motivate the student body, will stay the same, Radwanski and Long have changed the atmosphere of the show to match their unique personalities.

Long said he and Radwanski are making the show more lighthearted and fun as opposed to the cool hipster vibe he said Schweinitz and Green brought to the show.

“They had this very cool atmosphere about them,” Long said. “We don’t try to be cool.”

Instead, Radwanski and Long use their competing personalities to form a more down-to-earth feel that will relate to the student body. They joke about their red hair and talk about things happening on campus.

“I have unique clashes with Amy,” Long said. “We can offer unique perspectives to things.”

His whimsical personality combines with Radwanski’s more passionate and direct nature during the show. Her straightforward personality keeps Long on-topic while his whimsical side draws out Radwanski’s passions and helps her show her emotional side.

Radwanski said her friendship with Long plays a big role in their interaction on the show and their ability to work together.

“He’s kind of like a brother to me,” Radwanski said.

Long and Radwanski naturally enter into each other’s conversations and behave more like siblings than friends.

Sometimes this close relationship is a challenge though. Long and Radwanski said that avoiding inside jokes and choosing conversation topics that are relatable to the listener is often their biggest struggle.

Radwanski said that time management can also be difficult because they are in the studio two hours a day in addition to classes, and they both serve on the Resound leadership team.

James Leightenheimer, Resound’s faculty adviser, said Radwanski and Long’s ability to handle these challenges is one of the reasons they were selected to take over Amp Up. Leightenheimer said the two are highly qualified and have strong character, and he is happy to have them on both the leadership team and Amp Up.

Amp Up is Resound’s longest running show. It started as a morning show almost five years ago, but Leightenheimer said that listening habits changed, so Resound moved the show to the 3 to 5 p.m. time slot.

Leightenheimer said one reason Amp Up has lasted so long is because it is based on an idea rather than a personality. He said Resound puts its best people on the show with the goal of motivating the listener. The second reason, Leightenheimer said, is the consulting provided by Todd Stach, a Cedarville alumnus. Stach works at 104.9 The River and talks weekly with Radwanski and Long to shape them into better radio personalities.

“David and Amy are placed very well to pick the show up and carry it forward without a loss of quality or professionalism,” Leightenheimer said. “I feel like we’re in a really good position.”

Editor’s note: Amy Radwanski is the digital editor for Cedars.

Keegan D’Alfonso is a freshman journalism major and a reporter for Cedars. He was a sergeant in the Marines and enjoys learning about and experiencing other cultures.

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