HeartSong to release album April 14

Cedarville’s student-led worship group HeartSong will release a new album Thursday, April 14. The album, titled “Ascribe,” will feature 10 contemporary worship tracks performed by HeartSong and centered around Psalm 29, a passage that speaks of ascribing to the Lord the glory due his name.

This album will be different from past albums, assistant producer Ashlynn Kelly ’14 said. It incorporates more upbeat worship songs that still carry the same message as the more traditional songs. The four HeartSong teams also bring their own musical styles to the album, ranging from pop and punk to acoustic. Kelly said having the various styles merge together to make one sound really sets “Ascribe” apart.

Kelly also said the unique way the teams put the album together not only reflects the variety they have, but also the unity they have in their mission to preach the Gospel.

“Even though there’s four different teams on the album, there’s still consistency throughout the album,” she said. “We’re still trying to communicate the same message.”

Each song on the album may not sound the way listeners are used to hearing it performed, Kelly said. However, she said HeartSong focuses on arranging the music in such a way that it remains authentic to the lyrics.

“Sometimes you’re singing about the greatness of God, but the music isn’t reflecting that greatness,” she said. “So we try to be really intentional in the way that we arrange.”

Jim Cato, associate vice president of Christian Ministries, said the production process for “Ascribe” was smooth sailing the whole way, unlike previous albums.

Kelly said she attributes the ease of production to the passion that the students who make up HeartSong have for their ministry. She said that these students really understand the gospel and that it influences everything they do, from showing up on time to recording the songs to performing them.

Electric guitarist for HeartSong’s Red Team, freshman Taylor Robinette, said that every member of HeartSong worked hard to make this album sound good. He said music is the avenue that God has given them to present the gospel.

“And so, if we don’t take that seriously, then we’re not taking the gospel seriously,” he said. “It’s hard to worship to music that sounds bad.”

Junior Andrew Hile, drummer for the Orange Team and a newcomer to HeartSong, said that his favorite part about recording this album was being able to play the songs over and over.

“Every time we practice it, I love the song more and more,” he said.

Hile said the more he played the album’s songs, the more internalized the truth of the lyrics became, which Kelly said is HeartSong’s desire in all that it does.

“Ascribe” will feature popular worship songs such as “Unstoppable God” and “Only King Forever” and will be on sale for $10 in the lower SSC April 14-18. The album will also be available on iTunes and Spotify. 

A music video for “Jesus We Love You,” another track on the album, will also be released to Facebook and YouTube later this week.

Naomi Harward is a junior journalism major and an arts and entertainment reporter for Cedars. She is an avid photographer, and she loves horses and writing flash fiction.

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    matras kesehatan April 21, 2016 (12:33 am)

    congrats Cedarville’s student-led worship group, great job!