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Resound Radio Dedicates New Studio

VIDEO: On Nov. 17, Cedarville President Dr. Thomas White and Loren Reno, the vice president for academics, joined broadcasting and digital media faculty, Department of Communication chair Derrick Green and students on the Resound staff for a dedication of the new studio that was installed this past summer. Green and Dr. White joined David Long and Amy Radwanski on the live afternoon show Amp Up.

Student Spotlight – Sabrina Fridley: Dancing Storyteller

Sabrina Fridley, a senior nursing major and the head of Ayo, Cedarville’s dance organization, has been dancing since she was three years old. “My mom just put me in dance — a combination of tap, jazz, all that fun stuff — and I actually hated it my very first year,” Fridley said. However, she said she tried again the next year, and has been dancing ever since, including spending time on a competitive team in junior high and some of high school. She said it was the support and ...