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Lyndsey Smith Does It All By Tim Miller On a typical Tuesday morning in Chuck’s, you’ll find students scattered about having one-on-one’s, reading their Bibles and having a special meal with a few friends. You may see sophomore Cedarville University student Lyndsey Smith making some pancakes with a few other tight friends. Everything may look normal to the average onlooker, but Smith’s closest friends know Smith’s fun start to her day will get a lot more ...

“Around the Third Quadrant” (Part 2)

Under the Brim presents..."Around the Third Quadrant" Part 2.   For more Under the Brim Comics, look back on Brian's series: Around the Third Quadrant Part 1 Additional series Brian McCray is a senior studio art major and an arts & entertainment writer for Cedars. He enjoys drawing, writing, watching movies and composing short bios of himself.