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CU Involvement Fair and Kickoff Party 2017

Every fall, CU hosts a 2-hour fair and semester "kickoff party", during which campus orgs and local ministries can set up booths to show students what opportunities are available to them during their time at Cedarville. While the event is aimed primarily at the year's incoming freshmen, all students are highly encouraged to attend and take part in the festivities. Photos by Naomi Harward

Just Sayin’ – How A Digital Detox Changed My Summer

By Alex Hentschel That’s it,” I said resolutely, holding down my apps until they trembled with the fear of being deleted. “I’m done.” My dad only looked at me in a “sure, if you say so” way, but I did it — on the car ride back from my freshman year, I got rid of all of my social media and time-wasting apps. Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat. GroupMe. Podcasts. My three — three! — brickbreaking games. I told my friends that all my social media was gone and they could — and ...