Napkin Art

by Paolo Carrion

Creative Cedarville students have found a way to bring color and delight to the mundane routine of eating meals.

As a student on campus, you will undoubtedly spend many hours in Chuck’s or Stinger’s, eating lunch with friends or doing some last-minute studying.

Most people use napkins during meals, and for this reason Cedarville has supplied napkin holders for those who enjoy eating.

The napkin holders can be opened to place paper in the display window. Many students have utilized this as a creative outlet, placing their artwork in the napkin holders for future lunch-eaters to enjoy.

The napkin art has featured different subjects, such as animals, landscapes, and fan art of Disney movies. At one point, the second floor of Chuck’s even featured a Napkin Box Art gallery that included Kylo Ren from Star Wars, Master Chief from Halo, and Deadpool.

Some students have found other ways to use the napkin holders to brighten another’s day by writing bits of encouragement (or pick up lines), such as “You put the STUD in Bible Study,” and “Are you hot or is that just the Holy Spirit burning inside of you?”

Napkin art isn’t the only way students have found to share their art in the lunch place. One student sculpted an elephant out of the aluminum foil found in Chuck’s, while another brought salt and pepper shakers to life by drawing faces with a marker.

The napkin art can often be seen on Overheard at Cedarville, a popular, unofficial group on Facebook dedicated to sharing humorous or interesting experiences on campus that were overheard or overseen.

Making napkin art is an easy way to showcase your creativity and bring a small bit of joy to the next person to eat lunch.

This semester we will hopefully see many more delightful surprises awaiting us.


Paolo Carrion is a sophomore journalism major and the arts and entertainment editor for Cedars. He enjoys drinking hot chocolate, reading comic books and making animal crackers watch as he devours their family.

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