Stinger’s Renovation

by Callahan Jones

The Hive, Cedarville University’s full-service snack shop, is no longer. In its place is Stinger’s, a larger and modernized space.

“We set out to create a place where students can develop community, friendship, eat, and just to have a nice place where students can hang out,” said Dr. Thomas White, president of Cedarville University. “It was designed completely with the student in mind.”

As popular as it is and was, the Hive showed its age. The room had inefficient foot-traffic flow, so people in line often clogged up the entrance. The wooden floor was worn down. The chairs were always full, as it was built when the campus community was much smaller. The kitchen staff had some outdated equipment.

Oh yeah, and Yellow Jackets don’t even live in hives.

Thus, the school decided a complete remodel and  name change were in order.

Compared to The Hive, Stinger’s now has Wi-Fi and cell signal boosters, increased square footage and seating, a new and updated look and new kitchen equipment.

“We’ve got high tables if you like those, bar seating if you want to work on things alone, or booths and larger tables if you want to eat together or work on a project together,” White said.

The new flooring, cleverly disguised as wood, is actually a high-strength tile which should stand up to the wear and tear created by thousands of students’ feet.

The project was completed in between the weekend of Commencement in May and the weekend of Getting Started in August. It was a monumental effort involving many different departments of the school, White said.

The new name, Stinger’s, was chosen through a process that included polling of alumni and current students. Students also helped to design and choose the new logo. Along with the name change, the school is officially naming the school’s mascot “Stinger.”

“In the end, I hope we have created a new space that will help out students,” White said. “Whether it be through a place for study or a place for building community, this change will do great things for the Cedarville body.”


Callahan Jones is a junior journalism major and the Digital and Design editor for Cedars. In his free time, he enjoys drinking coffee, collecting headphones and playing Magic: The Gathering.

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