Cedarville’s New Student Talent Show Has New Venue

By Brianna Saucier

The recently renovated Stinger’s will hold the New Student Talent Show on Saturday, September 23 as an America’s-Got-Talent-style competition.

The talent show, put on by joint Sophomore through Senior Class Councils, has previously been held in the Cedarville Opera House on Main Street. At that time, ticket prices went towards renting the Opera House, but now, admission is free for all students.

While freshmen and transfers are the only ones allowed to take part in the acts, all years are welcome to attend the event Saturday night. The new space can fit up to 250 people, so seating for the show is first come, first serve. Students and others interested in attending can catch the show at both 7 and 9 pm. Stinger’s will be closing early at 5:30 pm on Saturday so that Class Council can set up for the event. If students get hungry, they won’t have to worry–Stinger’s will serve fry baskets throughout the show for a couple bucks.

The show will have ten acts total, which will be performed at each viewing. Most of the acts are music oriented. One performer, freshman Lauren Simmons, will ride a unicycle while playing guitar and singing Smash Mouth’s “All-Star”.

“I thought it would be very unique and stand out and be funny,” said Simmons. “I knew I could play the guitar and I could unicycle so I thought putting them together would be even better.”

Class Council does accept a variety of acts for the event. However, the venue has a large part in determining which acts will be performed.

“There are kind of limitations as of stage space and the venue itself,” said Dan MacDougall, Assistant Director of Student Life Programs and overseer of the event. “We try to be as flexible as we can [with acts] but… several years ago there was a fire show; she was twirling a baton and it ended up catching the stage on fire so, uh, fire is a no go.”

In previous years acts have included Rubix cube champions, singers, spoken word poets, dancers and martial arts performers.

The class presidents will be at the event acting as judges, but the true winners will be decided by the public. Attendees can submit votes through an electronic voting system at certain times throughout the performance. The results will be announced at the end of each show and the winner will receive a prize. However, the results are not the only big announcement happening during the show.

“The freshman elections are going to be going on at that same time and the election winners are going to be announced at the show,” MacDougall said. “So freshmen will for sure want to come out and see who their freshman officers are.”

Class Council encourages all students to attend. Doors for the showings open at 6:40 and 8:30 pm. Any questions can be emailed to Dan MacDougall or Senior Class President Catherine Milliron.

Brianna Saucier is a freshman English major for Cedars. She enjoys soccer, photography, and ROTC.

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