Rinnova Revamped over Summer

By Zach Krauss

Over the summer Cedarville renovated Rinnova, the campus’s only coffee shop, as part of the larger renovation of the lower Stevens Student Center.

Rinnova has been on campus for more than 10 years, and it hadn’t had an upgrade since its opening. The renovation involved adding a counter extension and a second line and register, separating drip brew coffee and teas from other types of drinks such as smoothies and lattes. Rachel Street, senior social work major and the general manager of Rinnova, said she expects the renovation to greatly improve the speed of the lines during rush periods, which often made it difficult for students and faculty to grab coffee in between classes or other activities.

Along with the renovation, the brand logo for Rinnova, which is as old and unchanged as the shop itself, also changed. Claire Abdul-Malak, a senior graphic design major, was the main contributor to the new logo. The new design incorporates a circular coffee stain with the name Rinnova in the center of the stain. Compared to the previous coffee cup logo, this design has a lot more meaning, Abdul-Malak said.

“We kept something that still represented coffee, but now the stain represents just how important Rinnova is to the community of Cedarville,” Abdul-Malak said.  “It’s a representation of how we want the service and fellowship obtained at Rinnova to stay with people for a long time after they visit and leave a permanent impact.”

Alex Paat, the Cedarville SGA president for 2017-2018 and a senior studio art major, was also involved with a lot of the changes at Rinnova. Paat was a large pusher for a new logo, saying that the significance of the logo was that baristas wanted customers to be able to see what Rinnova was all about. Paat emphasized that he didn’t want Rinnova to be just about coffee, but rather about the students drinking the coffee and their relationships with each other.

“I just want Rinnova to be a place where people understand how real and intentional our campus truly is,” he said. “Rinnova isn’t just a coffee shop, it’s a place of community where lasting impressions are made.”

Street mentioned that the morale for the employees has greatly improved because of the upgrades and logo changes. “The employees are just much more excited now about Rinnova, and the response from the students has been extremely positive, too.” Street said.

Zach Krauss is a junior pharmacy/music double major from central Texas and campus reporter for Cedars. He loves music, theatre, biology, community, and meeting new people



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