Sanctify Ministries Hosts Prayer and Praises

by Hannah Day

Sanctify Ministries will be hosting a new event, Prayer and Praises, at Cedarville University on Nov. 14.

Sanctify Ministries is a group, formed by women, aimed toward the women of Cedarville’s campus to help educate them on the many aspects of Biblical purity and to encourage them to live lives that are glorifying to God.

“We believe purity is more than physical,” stated Tara Winter, Sanctify Ministries’ advisor. “It is mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.”

Sanctify Ministries hosts many events. These events can include hosting retreats for middle- and high-school girls, but the main focus is the women at Cedarville.

Prayer and Praises kicks off a new direction for the organization. The leadership committee has indicated that in the past most of their events have focused on purity education and they have had many speaking events on this topic. While they have said that this is still an important goal for the organization, they hope to do more this year as well. After seeing an incredible response from the women on campus, they have decided it was time for a shift. Now they hope to invite women to open up and share their experiences and thoughts on purity.

“We’ve taken very much a different direction this year,” said Abby Kebbel, the organization’s secretary. “We’ve done a lot of speaking to women, which is important. This event is a great opportunity for them to open up.”

This upcoming event will take place on the night of Nov. 14 from 7 to 8:30 in the youth room of the Biblical and Theological Studies Center. Prayer and Praises is aimed toward the women of the campus, including students, faculty, and staff. These women can come by themselves or in groups of their friends. Resident advisers are even encouraged to arrange to bring their halls. One of the goals of this event is to foster unity and bring a stronger sense of community to the women of Cedarville. There will be different stations where participants will be guided through different topics for which to pray. These topics consist of things relating directly to campus concerns or to more general things regarding our society and government.

The night will conclude with worship music led by Rekindle, an all-girls worship team. This will bring in the praise element of the event.

Sanctified Ministries’ leadership team has expressed various reasons they are excited for this event. They said that it will be wonderful to see their team at work again and the impact that they get to have on the women who come to their events.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the team continue to work with the girls,” said Marissa Smith, Sactify’s president. “In the last event, I really got to see the team love on the girls. I look forward to seeing that.”

Hannah Day is a freshman forensic science major from Pennsylvania and campus reporter for Cedars. She enjoys theatre, music, and correcting people.

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